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Murad Resurgence is a new line of products specifically designed to cater to the skin needs of women battling with hormonal imbalances. Murad is known to be a doctor created brand in the skincare industry. The ‘Resurgence’ line promises to provide unique anti ageing skin care solutions. However, we find that information about the ingredients, their mode of action is rather limited. The company seems to be using their ‘brand name’ to capture customers for this new line of products. Murad fails to explain how the Resurgence line is different from its other products. Some customers have reported auto shipping of orders as an abuse. User reviews are very mixed. We advise you to trust products which provide complete information about the ingredients and have been clinically tested too! We recommend Kollagen Intensiv and Genf20 Plus to treat hormonal skin aging.

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1. Kollagen Intensiv

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1. Introduction:

Murad Resurgence is a line of skincare products that are specifically designed to reduce signs of ageing in women, who are undergoing hormonal changes. The company targets menopausal women, and their skin problems.

The founder is Dr Howard Murad MD, who claims to have created the first clinical brand of skincare products, to make healthy and beautiful skin attainable for everyone.

The line includes three main products, Renewing Cleansing Cream to exfoliate, Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum to hydrate, and Age-Balancing Night Cream to promote healthy cell renewal. Used together, Murad Resurgence promises to retexture and rejuvenate the skin, and restore a youthful, radiant glow.

Murad Resurgence Youth activation collection, is a kit that contains all these three products. They provide various such kits that cater to a variety of skin issues so that it may fortify your skin renewal! Single products are being sold as well.

The products come with an informative anti aging book and some free samples. Murad is a trusted brand in skin care and the same principles seem to apply to Resurgence.

Claims made by Resurgence:

The company’s website says that Dr. Murad knows exactly what your skin needs at every stage of life. Each Resurgence formula is engineered to boost hydration, visibly firm and tighten skin, minimize the look of lines and wrinkles, and restore radiant, youthful-looking skin.

Once again pushing the boundaries of skincare science with a powerful new innovation. Youth Concentrate combines rare proteins from the Resurrection Plant, with phyto-actives and peptides to comprehensively help reverse the visible signs of hormonally changing skin.

This triple-action complex infuses skin with deep hydration and nutrition, boosts skin elasticity and supports healthy cell turnover to deliver the look of exceptionally smoother, firmer, more resilient skin with a youthful glow.

What makes Murad Resurgence different?

According to the information available, we find that the only unique ingredient is Resurrection plant. They’ve claimed to harness its proteins and provide your skin the power to deal with dehydration which leads to sagging skin.

Let’s find out how valid the claim is?

A resurrection plant is any poikilohydric plant that can survive extreme dehydration, even over months or years. A poikilohydric plant is coupled with the capacity to tolerate dehydration to low cell or tissue water content and to recover from it without physiological damage.

Which species of the resurrection plant is used in the Murad Resurgence’s formula, is not specified. Since all species cannot be used for skin care. Their topical application and its benefits are not clinically proven.

Findings by NCBI report skin benefits Skin benefits of extract from resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis.


What the Resurgence Youth activation kit lacks?

The kit contains a cleansing cream, age diffusing serum, and a night cream. No product in the kit contains any properties to soothe the under eye skin or fight wrinkles. The renewing eye cream, will be an addition to the kit, to make it a complete skin care regimen for you!

Can a skin care product treat menopausal skin?

By the time most women reach 50, they are in menopause, and ovulation has stopped. The ovaries still produce hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, but the levels are far lower than before. The main hormone that affects the skin during menopause is estrogen and, as it fades, the skin produces less collagen and elastin.

(Rebecca Booth, M.D, an obstetrician and gynecologist and Steven Petak, M.D, an endocrinologist at the Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology)

The question remains unanswered by Dr Murad, as to how Murad Resurgence products help revives menopausal skin problems!

Editor’s note:

We recommend the following anti-aging products to treat menopausal skin-

The ingredients in Murad resurgence:

The official website does not provide any detailed information, about the ingredients they have used.

Vague information about ingredients of the Resurgence Youth activation products is provided. Some promising ingredients like algae extract, lactic acid, apricot, peptides (specifically not named), glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin B5, wild yam extract, star flower oil, shea butter, and resurrection plant extract are present in the products.

Though, little superficial information is available. The full ingredient list is not to be found!

Before you buy them, you won’t be able to make an informed and wise decision. Various customer testimonial and stories are to be found on the website, which might try to foster your faith in the product. So, you can depend upon them and the advertising claims made by the company.

What they do provide is access to video presentations of Dr Murad, which are broadcasted on television too! Answers to various FAQs are given on the website, as well as reviews by people who have used the product.

Money matters! Murad Resurgence is somewhat expensive.

A 30-day supply of Resurgence Youth activation kit costs $39.95, and a 90-day supply $119.85. The ingredients are similar to what is included in many other anti-aging formulas, but there is no evidence of any ground breaking ingredient, for which you must pay such a price!

Moreover, we find that taking a 90 day supply does not provide any discount on the price of the product!

Purchasing these products online, entitles you to sign up for a 90-day auto-renewal program. This means that once every 30 days, a new supply of products will be sent to you and your card will automatically be charged.

If you’re not comfortable with this, then think again before ordering them.


We can conclude that Murad Resurgence products, make hefty claims but do not provide detailed and convincing information about the ingredients. They do not tell how the product will actually function (its mechanism) to provide the benefits that it promises. Thus the product fails to justify the Price they demand.



2. Ingredient profile:

Let’s find out about the featured ingredients present in Murad resurgence products.

We will mainly explore four of its main products in the line: Renewing Cleansing cream, Intensive Age Diffusing Serum, Age Balancing Night cream and Renewing Eye cream.

Though, little superficial information is available. The full ingredient list is not to be found!

Age-Balancing Night Cream
  • Retinol and Vitamin B5 help renew skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Starflower Oil and Shea Butter keep skin smooth and conditioned to improve elasticity
  • Wild Yam Extract improves elasticity


Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum
  • Peptides improve resilience and elasticity
  • Resurrection Plant proteins restore moisture for a plump, more beautiful complexion
  • Glycolic Acid exfoliates to encourage cell turnover, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Age-Balancing Night Cream
  • Retinol and Vitamin B5 help renew skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Starflower Oil and Shea Butter keep skin smooth and conditioned to improve elasticity
  • Wild Yam Extract improves elasticity
Renewing Eye Cream
  • Amino Acids and Retinol visibly minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • Eye-Brightening Complex helps reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Iris Root Extract helps to smooth skin and improve elasticity.

3. Editor’s Note: Why we recommend Kollagen Intensiv over Murad Resurgence?

Kollagen Intensiv is a Swiss-made product that is designed to help reduce major signs of aging. It is a scientifically proven product that deeply penetrates into skin layers with its active anti-aging series plus ingredients of collagen renewal.

Unlike other similar anti-aging formulas that only touch the surface, Kollagen Intensiv is intended to nourish your skin cells and trigger the repairing mechanisms to reveal new, radiant and youthful looking skin through many ways.

Each ingredient in Kollagen Intensiv is clinically tested to ensure that it works on a deep cellular level to minimize the visible signs of aging on your face e.g. wrinkles/fine lines, uneven skin tone, dull skin, dry skin and loss of elasticity. The majority of these ingredients are utilized to stimulate natural collagen production which is very important in women over the age of 35.

What sets it apart from others?

It contains SYN-COLL, a clinically proven peptide which increases collagen production. Syn-Coll is actually a small peptide. And this peptide is fantastic because it has the ability to mimic the mechanism in the body that produces collagen. That’s why it is so effective at stimulating collagen growth.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients:

Syn-Coll is the main active ingredient that does the wonders!

Syn-Coll is based on a synthetic peptide that is designed to stimulate our skin’s natural mechanism to produce collagen, and reduce all types of wrinkles. DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. currently holds the patent rights for both – production and topical application of Syn-Coll.

Scientific study: With the objective to gauge the value of Syn-Coll, a study was performed on 60 volunteers. This particular study lasted for 84 days with twice a day topical application of Syn-Coll. The result was a whopping 354% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and a 201% improvement in the texture of the skin.

Their official website offers detailed information about the main ingredients, and how they will act on your skin to bring about an evident and lasting change!

The Other 5 key ingredients found in Kollagen Intensiv are Shea Butter, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Green Tea and Cucumber extracts

Complete list of all ingredients:

Glycerin (Plant Derived), Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Palmitate), Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate), Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate ( Stabilized Vitamin C), Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 & Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Hesperidin Methyl halcone, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Gluconolactone (Corn Derived Preservative), Dipeptide-2 & Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline, Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract , Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract & Retinol.

When you think of buying any skin care product, what do you look for? Most of the time you try to ask your friends or people who have used the product about their experiences. Does it really help? We all know that everyone’s skin has different needs.

Let’s see what a trusted dermatologist has to say about skin care products. We can’t of course understand the ingredient list completely, but Dr. Neal Schultz, Manhattan dermatologist, founder of, and clinical professor at Mount Sinai, sheds light on some of the most commonly used ingredients in skin care.

We have highlighted, the ingredients that Kollagen Intensiv contains, so that you know, its worth trusting or not!

Dr. Schultz says to keep your eyes peeled for the following ingredients in these five most-often-purchased products:

In firming creams look for: palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, syn-coll, syn-tacks, acetyl hexapeptide-3 (argireline), low molecular weight hyaluronic, and ceramides.

In eye creams look for: avena sativa (oat) kernel extract, lavender oil, glycolic acid, haloxyl, dermaxyl, regu-age, glycerin, dimethicone, Japanese green tea leaf extract, willowherb, Arnica Montana flower extract, chamomile flower extract, burdock root extract, and hydrolyzed collagen.

In facial moisturizers look for: hyaluronic acid, marine micropatch, propylene glycol, orange fruit extract, glycerin, pentavitin, ceramides, lavender oil, vitamin C, lactic acid, polyglutamic acid, lactic acid, vitamin E, green tea extract, and dimethicone.

Retinol – Often touted as the anti-aging miracle ingredient, retinol is a topical form of Vitamin A. While perfectly safe for many of us, those who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant should avoid it at all costs. ( Dr. Schultz)


What we can conclude is, that Kollagen Intensive, has properties of firming creams, eye creams and facial moisturizers, combined ALTOGETHER!

You don’t need to buy 3 or 4 different products, to address all your skin needs as in the case of Murad Resurgence.

Will buying Kollagen intensive be a fair deal?

A month’s supply of Kollagen intensive costs 59.5$, while they have other bulk offers which are more economical and come with free gifts too!

A four month (3+1) month supply price boils down to $154.95. This brings down the price of each container of Kollagen intensive to around 39$ which is the same for a month’s supply of Murad Resurgence Youth Activation kit.

Presence of clinically tested wonder ingredients in the product, makes it worth buying for the price they are demanding.

The clinical trials of Kollagen intensive provided results in 84 days and the product comes with a flawless 90 day return policy, so your money is still not at stake!

They, do not enroll you in an auto shipping program where cancellation of orders becomes a hassle.

Thus, we strongly recommend Kollagen Intensiv over Murad Resurgence, just so that you can rely on this clinically tested and effective one in all remedy for your stubborn skin problems!

4. Positive customer reviews of Murad Resurgence:

  • I have extremely sensitive skin and as a result had stopped using all moisturizers a few years ago. My skin was in terrible shape but I couldn’t stand the burning eyes that all products gave me. After seeing an infomercial with Dr. Murad and Joan Lunden I decided to give Resurgence a try. I was very skeptical and had planned on sending it back for a refund. I was so surprised and pleased when I tried the product. It had a great scent and I had no negative reaction to it at all. I now spread it all the way up to my eyes and still no reaction. My 47 year old skin felt better immediately and within a few days it started glowing. My husband noticed it too. And he never notices things like that! I find myself touching my neck and face all the time and can’t believe how supple it is. This product is truly amazing. Only thing I wish is that it wasn’t as expensive but it is worth the money because I’ve never found anything like it. Love it!!!! (Francie)

  • This is a great kit (Youth activation) for trying the Resurgence line, and there’s enough product to give you time to really decide. I am enjoying this line. Thank you! (Perry)


  • Just started using so not much to report yet. So far I love these products. The moisturizer feels great and doesn’t have a fragrance that bothers me. We’ll see how it goes… (Jody Laversa)


  • Really did reduce lines around my eyes within a week or two. The cleanser and night cream lasted close to two months even though I was using them every day; the others lasted about 6 weeks. (Rochelle)


  • The only downside is I wish the cleanser was larger, since I use this the most. Great for your skin. I am a former esthetician, and this is one of the best products on the market. (Gery Thomas)


  • So far so good. I started using the products about a month ago and I can definitely see a difference in skin tone, texture, softness and the appearance of lines are starting to diminish. Very satisfied so far. (Lauren Den Bel)


  • So far so good. I started using this product about a month ago and I can definitely see a difference in skin tone, texture, softness and the appearance of lines are starting to diminish. Very satisfied so far. (Gagril)


  • I am 45 yrs old in surgical menopause. This night cream s not as moisturizing as the sheer day cream . After using it for a week, I can tell my skin feels more sensitive in the mornings.. I don’t tolerate retinols well, so I am thinking this is the only product in the line that has it in ingredients. So, its going back. However, the cleanser, serum and day cream with spf is fantastic and my makeup goes on smoothly. The night cream may work really well for you if you tolerate the retinol in it. (Chriss)


  • I have really sensitive skin and almost all of my face products are Murad. I love this lotion’s light scent and feel. It is creamy yet light and absorbs quickly and well. It does not clog my pores which I have a problem with usually. For anyone with sensitive fair skin who hates the stinging of most lotions this is the one for you. I use it day and night. It’s expensive but worth it if you can use it sparingly. (Hidie)


5. Negative customer reviews of Murad Resurgence:

  • This an expensive trial kit. It states 96% of users will experience firmer skin in just 4 weeks. This kit will not last 4 weeks. (Linda)


  • Those are samples, so tiny for $40.00 too much! (Carmen olivero)



  • Nothing special, glad I didn’t get caught up in the auto reorder. I won’t order again. (Beth)


  • This product is not what is cracked up to be. I used this product over a month, and really do not
    see any change in my skin. I probably would not buy this problem again. It is advertised on TV as the
    best product, in my opinion it is not. (Kathie)


  • Murad’s Resurgence line has been a disappointment overall — it did not address my concerns regarding redness/blotchiness in any discernible manner and in time, this serum and the companion mositurizing cream actually stung my cheeks a little for a few seconds after application. (Anne)


  • Though there have been glowing reviews about the youthful appearance this product is supposed to give, I found it heavy and my sensitive skin had so many breakouts, I discarded it before I used half of it. If you have sensitive skin, beware. (Carl)


  • I noticed no difference in my skin whatsoever, despite using this every night for several weeks. The product itself has a pleasant scent, light and citrusy, and seems to skin into my skin well. However, it also seemed to dry out my skin in places also. I really don’t think that this is worth the money, I have fine lines and there was no change at all in their appearance, and my skin did not feel softer or smoother after constant use of this. I wouldn’t buy again. (Alison)