Zantrex 3 for weight loss: Scam or the real deal?

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Like most other diet pills, Zantrex-3 also hides the exact quantities of ingredients behind a proprietary blend. The consensus from user reviews seems to be that the Zantrex 3 misses out on some powerful weight loss ingredients. The company also had several consumer complaints and a bad history with FDA. Consumers didn't like the side effects linked to Zantrex 3 and that the supplement isn't as effective as claimed. Zantrex-3 misses out on Glucomannan, synephrine etc. We recommend Phen375 and Instant Knockout over this.

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Zantrex 3 is a fat burner that’s lately been receiving major attention.

Although it’s stimulants based diet pill, it’s one of the few successful fat burners that can get the job done without the utilization of dangerous compounds for example ephedrine.

The reviews released by the retailer and user reviews online indicate that this can be a normally safe product to use.

Many people are wondering if taking the red and blue bottle really gets the weight loss results. So, let’s review.

Zantrex review: Does it work?

I’ve been very strict about my diet. And I’ve researched a lot on weight loss supplements.

And I do work out and eat healthy, I don’t believe only in needing to take a magic pill that simply drops the weight away.

I’ve taken PhenQ in the past and have lost 20lbs in 2 months which was excellent but I began taking the new and enhanced zantrex fat burner (red bottle) and it causes my heart to race and I feel gross.

I initially quit taking the original version because it was causing my oxygen level to fall but I did not learn as soon as the red bottle came out I went and purchased it and feel like crap and they’re somewhat addictive I believe.

In the words of one of the user who began ZANTREX 3 (red bottle) “I ‘ve thyroid problems, have gotten radioactive Iodine and gained over 100lbs so I ‘ve more weight to loose than I care to share…beginning weight 326.6 (9/23/11). I ‘ve no energy and each time I attempt to diet I fail because I am constantly eager….attempted HCG and lost 16lbs and gained it back. Trying Zantrex 3 helped me gain some energy and cutting my desire to eat. However, I want better results.”

Zantrex 3 ingredients

Zantrex ingredients include yerba mate leaf extract, guarana seed extract, trimethylxanthine, damiana leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, kola seed extract, schizonepeta flower extract, black pepper fruit extract, rhodiola crenulata root extract, Asian ginseng root extract, maca root extract, cacao seed extract.

That’s a pretty impressive list, but a closer analysis reveals that the quantity of ingredients are so less, that you will have to take too many pills per day to get the desired results.

No doubt, they have chalked out a good formulation. It seems their product research development team met and decided :- Let’s put little bit of everything in this diet pill and see if this works and sells!

The only ingredients that MIGHT do anything to help it function are green tea extract and the Yerba Mate extract.

In my opinion, there are better multi-ingredient pills out there like PhenQ.

Here are some of the Zantrex 3 benefits-

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Mild Anxiety Enhance
  • Fight Mid-Day Fatigue
  • Increases Energy

Other ingredients May Contain: Rice Flour, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Starch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, Titanium Dioxide.

It will not say how much of each ingredient is really used, but Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner is apparently a decent product.

Actually, If Zantrex 3 works, its because of the stimulants in the product rather than other things.

Decision: If you blend in this merchandise with 30 minutes of exercise, in addition to practical eating you are bound to lose fat.

The clinical trial showing the product’s fat burning effects contained a small diet and exercise plan. According to the reviews we read from people that have personally used the product, it does supply an important increase in energy levels.

While nutritional supplements like Zantrex Black may help supply you with a supplementary boost, whether through hunger suppression or supplying additional energy during your workouts, they may be merely meant to improve the advantages of exercise and diet, to not replace them. The mix of ingredients has also not been examined in long term clinical reports.

Citrus Fruit Extract: Using Citrus Aurantium as a fat burner is now increasingly popular. Assuring users up to five times the standard fat loss from other pills, and the energy you will need, so it is the fat burning, energy boosting pill which is going to win you over once and for all. Check out Citrus fruit based product PhenQ.

User reviews

In accordance with folks who attempted the product, side effects for the Zantrex 3 blue bottle contain but aren’t restricted to the following: sleeplessness, dizziness, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and difficulties with libido.

Review 1

I’m 29 years old 5ft 11 and 200 pounds I’ve tried several other brands of weight loss pills before and quit taking them for a relatively good time after I got my weight down to 175lbs Once I hit 200 again I determined to try zantrex 3 blue bottle and guy I regret every second of it. I took 1 pill with a glass filled with water half an hour before a meal. I was so bothered about the side effects: rapid heart beat and headache and dizziness. I afterwards found out that it was a reaction to the serious quantities of niacin.

Review 2

I took one zantrex 3 with my evening meal, and went to bed after that night not feeling good. After I read the reviews and see that other folks are feeling the exact same way I ‘m, I’m determined to quit taking this pill.

What Are Zantrex 3 Side Effects?

People contemplating taking this weight loss supplement have many concerns over what the possible side effects might be. Zoller Laboratories have listed possible side effects on the official Zantrex 3 web site.

Reported side effects range from those connected with an excessive amount of caffeine consumption, to other physical side effects like headaches, heart palpitations, and nausea.

You must eat something with Zantrex or you may get nausea and jittery after.

Anyway, the “caffeine high” does not worry me – I used to be a leading caffeine junkie so this is old territory for me.

I do not get the high blood pressure/palpitations/panic attacks, but the caffeine ache is minor and nausea is quite minor and restrained nicely through water consumption and little snacks (yougurt, couple bites of fat free cottage cheese, couple pieces of lean turkey meat or crab meat, etc.) appear to control it pretty fast.


I got it for only $20 at Walgreen’s, so when compared to some of another ephedra based fat burners I’ve attempted, I believe it works better than those.

It looks like most of the folks that didn’t get any good effects from it didn’t join it with any diet and exercise, which will be clearly vital to anyone who’s looking to drop some weight over the long term, and make sure that it stays away.

Does The Blue Bottle Work?

While we wouldn’t always advocate either of these products, the blue one is going to be more powerful than the red one.

In clinical trials, over 85% of the weight lost by study participants was pure body fat.

I don’t claim the study to be reliable though.

I did start out with the total dosage which I am asking myself why I did that after reading several of those reviews. I have taken it with 2 bowls of fiber, one cereal with low fat soy milk and a little bowl of whole wheat turkey pasta. And the blue bottle showed some promise.

We aren’t going to bore you with the details, but to simplify a complex explanation, the blue bottle is better complete.

This metabolism increase makes the body burn fat at a quicker speed than ordinary, which can be successful for weight reduction.


Overall, this is only a slightly effective product and a nutritional supplement.

Its formula has numerous adequate ingredients, but there is a problem with their quantities.

However, let us get down to business and discuss what these ingredients are because they’re just what you’ll need to start making your own diet pill.

After looking at all of the options in the competitive market, I would pick Zantrex for its ingredients. People who quit taking it will generally experience various types of withdrawal.

Additionally, you should be suspicious of the side effects that can happen.

Most folks favor the blue one so give that the shot and see if you favor it. As with any other supplement, due diligence is required.