Arbonne anti-aging skincare reviews | RE9 product line – Advanced Set Lifting and Contouring Cream


Arbonne is a skin care product developed by Petter Morck. The company was founded in 1975 in Switzerland and was launched in 1982 in the United States. Arbonne products do not include animal products or by-products, mineral oil, petroleum and are based on the botanical skin care principles. It is a direct sales company, and their products are distributed by independent sale consultants who are operating based on commission.

This review is particularly focused on Arbonne Anti-Aging Products. The brand includes Arbonne RE9 Advanced, Arbonne FC5, and Arbonne Clear Advantage. These products can be directly purchased through their website or an independent consultant near your area.

We have analyzed reviews of the RE9 Product range, including RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Set, RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen Day Cream, and RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque.

Arbonne delivered these products promptly; everything was packed nicely and with proper usage instructions.

They claim that the range includes a high concentration of advanced ingredients that can restore the skin’s youthful appearance. The RE9 contains nine anti-aging ingredients including Vitamin C and Algae extract.

The composition of active ingredients is higher than other skin care brands. Note that Arbonne is not heavy handed as other skin care companies, and therefore; it seems to demonstrate good citizenship and transparency.

The elements are clearly listed on their site, and each function of the ingredient is given. The RE9 products use a significant percentage of natural ingredients making them an excellent choice for people who look for natural alternatives.

So what are some of the results can you anticipate after using Arbonne? You will find that your skin is looking and feeling well hydrated, healthy and radiant. Most products are fragrance-free and are certified vegan-friendly.

Arbonne never tests on animals and their products do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

Editor’s note:- Overall RE9 Advanced skincare system is a good anti aging product line, but I believe it still lacks some more powerful anti aging ingredients like peptides, DMAE and collagen boosting ingredients. We recommend LifeCell over Arbonne products, because of its more powerful ingredients yet safe profile on human skin.

Besides, there have been some controversies in the past regarding how safe the Arbonne products really are.

The user reviews seem to be mixed, but a lot of praises of the brand comes from Arbonne consultants.

However, they have also been wise enough to correct themselves.

Below, is a user review by Cassandra Monroe (not an Arbonne consultant) on using Arbonne RE9 product line.

Before I start my review on every product, I should say that I have clear, largely blemish-free skin. I consider myself to have normal/combination skin type, which implies I ‘m greasy in my T-zone region but dry and standard elsewhere. Additionally, I was not able to check the packaging, due to having samples of the goods.

Step 1. Arbonne Smoothing Facial Cleanser: This cleanser is for use in the morning and evening. It’s a light citrus/orange scent, which I found refreshing. When scrubbing my face, I believed the merchandise was gentle on my skin and went on easily, such as the name says. Overall, I believed it was a mild cleanser that I think would be good for ordinary use, for my skintype anyways.

Step 2. Arbonne Regenerating Toner: This product is, in addition, used both in the morning and evening, if wanted. Strong, astringent-like odor, but seeing as how this is a toner, thats to be expected. I applied some of the toner to a cotton ball and gently swabbed it across my face, ensuring to actually hit my Tzone. After using both the smoothing cleanser as well as the toner, my skin was made actually soft and citrusy-fresh smelling.

Step 3. Arbonne Intensive Renewal Serum: The serum is textured more like a lotion, and has the same citrus scent as the last products. This merchandise, also like the preceding ones, is acceptable to use both morning and evening, regular. I enjoy this serum as it is extremely light and doesn’t feel extremely heavy or thick in your skin.

Step 4. Arbonne Corrective Eye Creme: Pretty much scent free, there’s simply a modest taste of that citrus scent the RE9 Advanced merchandise has been consistent with.

Step 5. DAY Arbonne Restorative Day Creme/ Additional Moisturizing Day Creme: These products follow the Intensive Renewal Serum. All these are both accurate lotions and made my skin feeling soft. The citrus scent is consistent, but actually both of these lotions felt the same to me, so I’d say to just use one instead of both (the sample pack came with both so I tried both.) I’d likely make use of the standard day creme versus the extra moisturizing one due to my skin type.

Bottomline on Arbonne RE9 products

The portion of active ingredients is fairly high in comparison with other skincare brands. Arbonne isn’t as heavy handed as other skincare businesses as it pertains to advertising claims. Therefore, Arbonne seems to be showing good ethics and transparency. But, there have been controversies around this brand name.

Arbonne lists its ingredients definitely on its web site and describes the function of every ingredient. The Arbonne RE9 variety is a smart anti aging variety and uses a big portion of all-natural ingredients making it a superb alternative for those that are seeking natural options.

So what type of results can I expect after using Arbonne for a couple of weeks? You are going to realize your skin will appear and feel quite hydrated, healthy and glowing. However don’t expect wonders as it pertains to anti aging.

Arbonne products are lightweight, mild and magnificent. They absorb effortlessly. Most Arbonne products are fragrance free as well as accredited vegan friendly.

Overall, I’d advise this product for a person who’s trying to find a tender, cleansing care process.

However, for more positive and safe anti aging effects, I recommend you check out LifeCell.

Arbonne User reviews

Review 1:

I have used Arbonne for a while and loved it so much. Though everyone’s skin is different and the products may react differently, but it is by far the best product that I have tried. I have eczema on my eyelids. Everything I used would make it flare up and become itchy, but when I tried the Arbonne RE9 line, I was surprised to see that the itch was fading away. I then decided to try Arbonne makeup, and while I am not saying that this would work well for everyone, but the product has worked well for me. I no longer have any eczema and all the products are excellent!

Review 2

The one important thing that I wanted to make clear on this is that this is supposed to be an honest review on the products for your skin and not the business. Most people join Arbonne and when they realize that it is lots of work. If it doesn’t work out for them, they bash the company.

Review 3

I was misled into buying it by my FORMER hairdresser. It is way too expensive and also it did not work. I was told the high cost was due to the quality of the product, but that is false- the cost is to cover commissions for all the GMOS the product has in it. How can a person in good conscience take money like this from another? Why not just be honest and tell people you want them to give you money for doing nothing.