Derm exclusive Fill and Freeze review

Overall score : 2.4

While Derm Exclusive claims that their products are clinically proven, there are no studies referenced on their website. Based on the company’s description, user can expect to see immediate results with Fill & Freeze, while the complementary products will provide noticeable results within 14 days, and “dramatic results” within 4-6 weeks. Since it contains one powerful ingredient Argireline, most users should be able to see quick results, but with repeated applications, this product is NOT much of a long term collagen and skin builder. We recommend LifeCell over Fill and Freeze anti aging regimen. LifeCell also has Argireline as well as other powerful collagen building compounds and peptides like DMAE etc.

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Recommended - LifeCell

The Skinny on Derm exclusive - Fill and Freeze


Fill and Freeze is a product that claims* to fill wrinkles like you would get at a doctor with dermal fillers or injections.(Read more..)

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I love all of the products. I have used all of the products and I am pleased with the results. I have been using them for about four years.(Read more..)

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On TV Dr. Ordon says the cost of the "Fill'n'Freeze" is just $54.95 plus shipping and handling for *two* tubes.(Read more..)

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