Fitmax iPool 3D Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool review

Overall score : 2.9

Developed to give a reinvigorating experience through ‘water exercise’, iPool 3 Deluxe swimming pool is a product that will capture your attention! Doctors and physiotherapists consider water exercises to be gentle yet very effective for those who cannot bear heavy weight ground exercises. This product is portable, customized and also comes with all accessories to fulfill your needs. From warm water therapy, to a cool dip in summers or water work out, whatever your goal may be, this product is apt for all. Made with strong certified material, it comes with a robust zinc coated steel frame to support the structure. Overall, customer reviews are more on the positive side, reflecting satisfaction that people attained by using this product. It can become a prized possession for you too!

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‘Swimming’ is a complete body exercise and is loved by one and all around the world. It works a as therapy for the joints, bones and muscles and also keeps your heart healthy. Apart from swimming as a holistic exercise, there are many under water exercises that can be done, to rehabilitate and rejuvenate health in a gentle manner.

Aquatic exercise is effective for anyone wanting to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, or heal from injury. It is also the ideal exercise medium for aging adults by helping them maintain their good health at a comfortable, functional level.

Water provides buoyancy and support for the body. “Unlike swimming, vertical exercise seeks to maximize resistance.”


  • “Working out in water is very safe because no joints or bones are forced to bear too heavy a load,” says Andrew Jones, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon in Chapel Hill, N.C.


  • A 2012 study presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress found that exercisers who used a submersible ergocycle (an exercise bike in a pool) had fitness benefits equivalent to those using a typical stationary bike, as measured by maximum oxygen consumption.

Aquatic exercises provide health benefits to all, whether elderly, young, obese, arthritic patients, those suffering from osteoporosis or anyone who cannot bear weight lifting exercises on land.

To help you realize all benefits of water exercises, while enjoying and refreshing yourself, Fitmax i Pool 3 Deluxe swimming pool is a great option that you can bank on.

A bitter reality is that, not everyone has a luxurious swimming pool at home, and joining clubs and spas for ‘water work outs’ is also an expensive option. You can have this one put up at home, in your backyard, garage, porch or any space where you may feel comfortable to put it up.

It is also a great option for those who do not want to share the pool with other people, so you can buy one for yourself and be at peace.

Benefits of Water work out:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Alleviates pressure on the joints
  • Destress and decreased anxiety
  • Buns calories
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Warm water treatment for reducing pain
  • Enjoy coolness in summers


All the benefits that have been mentioned above may make you lure for a water exercise treatment. Empowered with the benefits of any traditional exercise, it brings them to you in a bearable and enjoyable manner.

There are a variety of water therapy exercises like pool walking, leg raises, wall facing leg stretch and more which can be very beneficial for relieving back pain and increasing your fitness levels.


Why buy an i pool?

  • Fitmax Inc is proud to introduce the iPool®, with the latest innovation in above ground lap pool technology.
  • It can be used for rehabilitation and heal aching muscles
  • Warm water therapy is recommended by doctors
  • It has no artificial water current system or jets. They have provided mechanical resistance to provide you a great swimming experience.



  • The pool uses 8.5ft x 11.5ft x 8ft of space a manageable space.
  • Strong zinc coated galvanized steel frame
  • Sturdy five layer vinyl coated polyester weave liner (used In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)
  • It includes filter pump, heater, cover, pool ladder and a patch repair kit.
  • The installation process is simple and explained in detail the in manual. The official website provides a video to make the installation process even more simple.
  • The amount of water needed has been kept within affordable limits.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty. Detailed terms and conditions are provided on the company’s website.
  • Price is almost the amount that one may spend on a tread mill. So if you’re not able to bear heavy exercises and need a light yet effective rehabilitation therapy, it’s the right choice.


Complaints by customers about the product are rather limited.

Bad experiences with the product have been very few and rare. Dislike for the product by some may be due to over expectations or the product not matching their preferences.

To conclude, we say that a personal pool where you can exercise and destress while your kids can play is worth the bargain!

With i Pool installed at your home, you will own an exercise facility that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is something that you will own and relish for several years.


  1. Positive Customer reviews:


  • There are no words to describe the importance of the pool as it affects our quality of life. It lifted my husband’s spirits as he became less ambulatory. Our son designed a hoist so he can get in an out. Even with virtually no lower body strength, it works. He rarely uses it since his condition has him bed bound, but that is not the end of the story. For more than a year, the pool has been my entertainment and my primary source of exercise. I am contemplating go into it now. I do 30-45 minute water aerobic sessions 5-7 days a week. in all sorts of weather, since it is in our garage. Once or twice a month my husband uses it. While this may not be a happy story, for those who read between the lines, it should be. The exercise pool has filled a giant void in our somewhat fractured lives. It is the best therapy at any price. (Linda A Root)


  • I looked at some of the other home lap pool options. The iPool seemed like a good alternative. It arrived quickly and was very easy to set up – although it helps with a second person. I also purchased the heater and now keep the pool at 80 degrees. The pool is kept in our garage ~ the pool blanket (purchased from the company) helps retain the heat and keeps the humidity down.The electrician’s bill to wire the heater was more than I’d expected. That being said, I think the total cost is well worth the price. The pool is being used every day. I love the convenience! (Amazon Customer)


  • I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of this at first, but it has turned out to be GREAT. We had looked in to all sorts of other lap pool options, and there was really nothing that came close price wise- We’d have to spend $12k more to get pretty much anything. So, We gave it a shot- And I am glad that we did.It was relatively easy to set up, though you DO have to make sure that you have a nice, VERY level spot to set it up on. I had to do a little excavating in my yard to get the area totally flat. It went together easily enough, though the instructions were a bit difficult. We filled it with water, and hopped in!I didn’t know how I would like ‘resistance swimming’ compared to lap swimming. It feels a little different- But it is still a great workout. Once you get used to swimming in place, though, it’s not too bad. You’ll have to play with the placement of the resistance bands a little, but once you get them adjusted to your swimming style, you don’t need to mess with them again. I am a pretty strong swimmer, But once I got the bands in the right place, I had no problems.

    I keep my water Chlorinated like any other pool, and it stays nice and clear. Ours is outside, and stays plenty warm just from the sun, so I haven’t needed the heater. I MIGHT be moving it in to the basement for the winter, and I’ll probably need a heater if I do. We’ve already got 220v there, so it won’t be a big expense.

    We only had one problem- The filter that came with it was defective, but a quick call to FitMax resolved that issue, they had another one off to us right away. The customer service is GREAT- and there is actually a live person on the other end of the line! (Anonymous)


  • Between setup and getting the heater installed professionally, it was A LOT of work/money but in the end – totally worth it! I never dreamed I’d be able to own a pool in my small yard, it really has been a Godsend. I am on peritoneal dialysis and only able to swim in private pools so this purchase has been a lifesaver and my FAVORITE way to work out. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to swim.(Kristie Flynn)


  • We have had our ipool for 5 months now and set it up in our basement. This is the best thing ever. we had to put in greater capacity electric to handle the heater/filter but in the long run, the expenses putting this in was well worth it. the electric bill is not significantly worse but we keep the
    temp in the pool about 88 degrees. we put a hygrometer in the basement and keep a cover on and the humidity runs a comfortable 54%. the company has been great for customer service for the few minor technical issues that arose. I have had some health issues the past 2 years and have found it more difficult to get to the gym. having been a devoted lap swimmer, we sought a solution for the winter months when we close our outdoor pool. so far there has been no significant problems and is a convenient little luxury that fits anytime with our work schedules.This may not be for anyone that is not handy or have any experience with pool chemistry but for us it fits. (Patricia Weber)


  1. Negative customer reviews:


  • This company has been horrible with me and my family. The product was damaged and began rusting quickly after it was setup. Upon contacting ipool and explaining the situation in hopes of having the warrenty fix the issue at hand, but instada they were horriably rude and uncooperative to me and my family when explaining our issue to them. (Amazon customer)
  • I like to share my ipool experience with potential buyers.

Bought the ipool 3 weeks ago and still haven’t been able to use it because there is a leak (set it up in my 3 car garage and water leaked everywhere). We tried to find the leak over the course of the last week – filling and draining, filling and draining… Near impossible to find due to the sheer size and non-pliable material. Contacted rep by email and didn’t receive a response until husband called. They are supposed to be sending a replacement liner, but that is still not confirmed. Very frustrating, but hope to resolve the matter soon. Will  post a follow up later. (Amazon customer)

  • Ipool take not one hour to setup (as stated in video), prepare 5 hours or even more from open box for the “first timer” . Instruction diagram sheet are very primitive (1st generation AutoCad draft? ). Also have color pictures which are not bad, but still not detail enough.2. Pump comes with the unit is a JOKE ( way too tiny and small). Prepare to buy something bigger more powerful to handle the job. ( luckily I have my old pump and filter unit from my prior aboveground pool).

    Update: How small is the pump unit? The “pump” itself measure 2.25″ x 3″ x 2″ (about the size of a small orange), the paper filter unit is 3″x3″ cylinder shape.

    The “pump unit” as a whole may look big in the picture, but it just the plastic housing. No Kidding ! 2″X3″ pump power to filter 1500 Gal of water (pump unit doesn’t even have a on/off switch) !

    Someone may said “Hey, the pump still can work ! “. Sure, but how can a small pump move the water enough to filter out the impurity ? If any pump can do the work, why not just put in a 1″x1” pump, it still moves water.

    3. Bungee cord system seemed very clever at first glance , but I find out only one position work for me ( down low at the edge). But it works ! But it is too short, I had to add a small section of rope to it.

    4. Since I do not use the pump that comes with it, I need to clamp down the in/out hose openning with some plastic sheet, or it will leak from both outlet. My filter system hoses just hang over into the pool ( no need to cut hole to the liner , ipool’s baby size in/out hose size does not match my system.)

    5. Am I happy with the system ? No regret yet , it still can be used.
    (Danny from San Diego)

  • There is a design flaw in this version of iPool – only the legs on the metal frame snap in place, the rest of the frame is held in place only by tension. This is fine once the pool is filled. However, unfortunately for me, a large gust of wind apparently dislodged the frame as the pool was filling. I had to completely empty the pool, reconnect the frame, and fill again – so pay close attention while filling, with this model of iPool. (Anonymous)