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PERFORMIX SST v2X is a thermogenic Weight Loss Product containing most popular thermogenic ingredients out there like caffeine, p-synephrine (that works similar to ephedra), Bioperine etc. But, the amounts of these ingredients seem to be pretty low compared to the amounts used in the weight loss research, done by scientists. And PERFORMIX is charging quite a hefty price for this low quantity of ingredients. We recommend Instant Knockout as the best thermogenic fat loss pill, that contains thermogenic ingredients in sufficient quantities and also has glucomannan, a fat blocking appetite suppressant. If you are looking for p-synephrine/bitter orange, product, we recommend Phen375. In our opinion, both "Instant Knockout" and "Phen375" provide a better value for money, than PERFORMIX SST v2X.

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SST v2X is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by PERFORMIX. It advances the body’s heat and raises metabolism, helping burn off more calories and assist with fat loss.

Basically fat burner supplements aren’t wonder pills – your very best option is to choose a fat burner that contains ingredients that suppress your appetite, and enhance your energy levels and metabolism (making it easier for you personally to cut calories, while assisting you shred the body fat).

The manufacturer of Performix SST v2X is Performix and this company is well recognized in the market to make a large amount of fat loss supplements which will make the body of the individual to get slim pretty fast without any side effects at all in the human body.

Caffeine is one of the primary ingredients and to be fair it’s found in numerous thermogenic weight reducers…like Leptigen etc. it helps to raise the human body’s natural temperature, increasing the metabolic process and also as a result will help boost energy and increase your fat loss ability..

CLA is one of the greatest ingredients not only in a fat burner but in most health and wellness supplements.

caffeine anhydrous 300mg
p-synephrine 25mg
theacrine 50mg
evodiamine 5mg
yohimbine hcl 5mg
BioPerine 5mg,

Supplementation with this product can raise your body’s ability to get rid of fat while preserving lean muscle mass, help your system convert fat into fuel along with increase heat expenditure, which will result in a rise of weight loss, enhance metabolic rate, and increase energy and virility to keep you motivated and energized for hours long.

Performix SST claims to be a world-class line of thermogenic supplements that feature TERRA beadlets with intelligent time-release delivery, which controls the release of key ingredients and enhances their fat reducing effects.

Two capsules is need as soon as each day on an empty stomach and the manufacturers stress the importance of never using Performix SST alongside every other stimulant-containing supplements and state it must not be utilized within six hours bedtime.

As far as the possible benefits of the mix are concerned some associated with the ingredients are believed to be fat burning agents and others are included to act as stimulants, so written down the blend inclusions appear to support the manufacturer’s claims for Performix SST, but the possible lack of exact formulation of ingredients makes it impossible to state exactly what the real potential of the blend could be.


There are several ingredients which are formulated in the supplement to assist in supporting slimming down.

CLA, while definitely a Swiss-Knife fat burner, requires more than a hundred or so grams to work its magic and we do not see it having more than 200 mg here.

It is further making the muscles within the body to obtain more prominent since its enhancing the activity of the individual therefore allowing space for the user to take part in a lot of workout activities.

Overall, a mediocre weight loss supplement.

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People react differently to different products – I have used Performix in the past without any issues (Our team has to try many products for ourselves during reviews) – it is not my favourite I have to admit.

I have used it 3 times and I have to say to use this product with caution if this is your first time using it. I weigh about 155lbs and I’m 5’10, so body frame is pretty slim so these pills effect me a lot.

I have lost 6 pounds, have great energy and that’s on two pills at three times a week in the morning before I work out.

I have to say that this product did not provide me with any appreciable effects that would make me want to continue taking it to see if I grew accustomed to the stimulant blend.

I can remember a timed-release ephedra product (don’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head) that was around in the early 2000’s that I absolutely loved; instead of getting hammered with the constant ups” and downs” common to typical stimulant-based products, I got a nice, smooth, sustained boost of non-jittery energy which was, quite honestly, awesome.

I love my Performix SST, it gives me that extra boost of energy I need throughout the day.

I took SST as prescribed in the morning, first thing when i woke up. Almost immediately after taking this supplement you notice a pronounced response in terms of energy and alertness.

I think that this company did a good job finding the balance between a product that would appeal to athletes of varying levels of fitness.

I have been taking Performix SST for over a year now. I could definietly tell the difference in my metabolism when i stopped using the pills.I’ll continue to buy it because it gives me an increase of energy.

I lost 30 lbs when I used this for the first 3 months and have now hit a plateau, but I can tell a major difference in my energy level without.

I just bought SST 2 days ago and have yet to experience anything?

I had terrible stomach pains and felt like vomiting a couple of times throughout the day.

I have taken this product for three months now, and have not lost a pound or an inch. I firmly believe that the product is a rip off and I should get my money back.

I was so anxious for the entire day, I could not work.