Does eating meat really cause your skin to age faster? Or the opposite is true that an omniverous diet actually helps skin?

Do vegatarians look younger than their meat eating counterparts, or the vice versa is true.

We analyzed and researched on this topic, and here is the gist.

So far, no scientific studies have been done on this and we don’t yet have any solid evidence and conclusion that one type of diet is more favorable to having a younger skin or not.

But, we do have some anecdotal evidence and user comments/reviews on the topic. And they are surprisingly mixed.

Which means there are approximately equal number of people supporting that a vegan diet or an omniverous diet makes one look young.

Here are some more important points to consider:-

i. People following a vegan diet should definitely be cautious if they are becoming deficient in vitamin B12 and collagen proteins. Also the fact that they might be missing on some high collagen foods like fish or bone broth. And collagen is super good for skin.

ii. Vegans may also be missing out on beneficial saturated fats, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, DHA/EPA, and other vital nutrients that vegans and vegetarians are often low or deficient in can accelerate aging in people that choose to eat this way.

iii. Meat eaters should know that the commercial and factory produced meat is usually laden with hormones and antibiotics. In many cases, the animals are also filled with the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified food products the farmers’ use to feed them. This means that you, too, are ingesting pesticides, genetically modified products, and fertilizers every time you eat a factory farmed animal product. Also, pork meat is most high in toxins.

So, try your best to go for organic meat, whenever possible.

iv. In general, high-meat eaters and sugar and dairy eaters get lumped together. Many of the younger looking plant eating populations who get written up frequently (ie. kitivans and obkinawans) tend to eat whole-food, VEGETABLE (not grain) based diets. Populations with high meat consumption who are typically written up are “western” countries with diets high in refined grains, sugar, seed oils and other additives.

Many experts agree, that Meat might not be as big a culprit in skin aging and inflammation as the sugar and dairy. Sugar is the biggest problem of them all.

A healthy diet will improve the appearance – brighter eyes, shinier hair, clearer skin and more energy – and so may well make someone appear more youthful, but that’s true of a healthy vegetarian diet or a healthy diet that includes meat as well.

Many experts also agree that a paleo based eating plan is best for skin and has several other health benefits.

It’s possible to have a pretty healthy vegetarian diet, but a paleo diet that’s high in vegetables is probably better for most people.

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