Use The Best LASER Caps and Combat Hair Loss!



Hair loss can be a very depressing problem for those who suddenly find large clumps of hair coming out of their head. Upon seeing the first signs of hair thinning, it is understandable that the first thing that comes into your mind is to seek a treatment for this condition. Baldness can be treated with a lot of different anti-hair loss medications and treatments offered in the market. Shampoos and pills often contain chemicals that are of no good to our bodies.

With technological advancements in leaps nad bounds, we get the opportunity of treating baldness in the most effective manner and that is by using light therapy.

You might haver well heard bout LASER. The acronym laser stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” LLLT (low-level laser (light) therapy) is a treatment that utilises lasers, or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength, to help promote hair growth.Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment being  used all throughout the US for hair loss treatment. Studies say LLLT for hair growth in both men and women appears to be both safe and effective. (NCBI)

The effectiveness of laser therapy depends on the intensity, color of the light (wavelength) and total energy delivered. ‘LLLT’ usually have wave length in the range of 600 to 1000 nanometer and power ranging from 5 to 500 ‘milliwatts’. In the past, lasers were used in medical procedures to create a wound on the skin’s top layer in order for the new, fresh skin to arise from beneath. LLLT is different from the usual way we perceive lasers; it does not involve either cutting or burning the skin. Also, it contains laser panels that lights the scalp, thus, making it an effective treatment against hair loss.

How does LLLT work for treating hair loss?

Laser therapies are used is by directly applying it to the scalp using a mechanical device, wherein it stimulates the red blood cells. The lasers work by switching Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP), which releases energy and causes changes in the metabolism of cells.The overall blood circulation increases in this process, wherein the scalp is provided with added oxygen and nutrients, while also supporting the normal chemical processes performed by the cells. When applied to the scalp and hair, lasers have been said to improve the hair’s overall quality, supporting hair growth, and increasing the diameter of the hair shaft.

Why should I choose a ‘Laser hair cap’?

Feeling helpless for no topical treatment or drug could do the magic you’re looking for.. People might have suggested  you to go  to laser clinics. But the costs can be a huge hindrance for many people not being able to avail the benefits. We have ‘Laser hair caps’ available for your rescue which offer the same benefits like visiting any professional foe hair treatments. These are very convenient nad easy to use devices, that look like a helmet and have LEDs fitted in them to provide the recommended thearapeutic wavelength of light, to treat your scalp. At a much lower cost than laser hair clinics you may find laser caps to be a much safe, effective and affordable option that will revive your confidence,  providing you the much needed thickness of hair.

We have enlisted for you the best available options, for at home hair loss treatment that will help to reduce hair loss, grow new hair as well as increase the diameter of existing hair shafts.


1. I grow Laser hair growth helmet

i Grow is a fascinating product that use highly effective LLLT stimulating light therapy to promote cellular rejuvenation with laser and LED lights. Being a fully automated and hands free equipment, it will offer you ease of treatment. It uses both LEDs and Lasers to offer you the much needed care for your disappearing hair. 

Research studies suggest the most effective wavelength for hair growth is between 650—670nm. This wavelength has the most efficient and effective absorption that is essential for hair growth.


  • The most striking feature is that, this device uses both low level red light and laser. Most LLLT devices use either LEDs or Lasers. The iGrow® by Apira Science, Inc. utilizes both high—quality Laser and LED light sources. It is effective for hair growth in men and women with genetic—based hair loss.
  • The device automatically shuts down when the  treatment session is complete.
  • 655 nm wavelength used
  • 20-25 minutes of each session with no need to move the device all over the head unlike laser combs which create a tiring treatment session, this one is fully automated and hands free 
  • allows you to choose from the five pre programmed sessions that they offer
  • Effective for both men and women and recommended to be used above 18 yrs of age
  • Claims to provide similar results like laser hair clinics
  • i Grow does not make any false promise to bring back the hair of those who are completely bald. It is recommended for those who are suffering from hair loss and thinning
  • No need to use nay sort of special hair tonic or shampoo
  • Does not emit nay harmful radiation or heat
  • the device is backed by legitimate clinical study that shows the device to be effective in significantly increasing hair counts in both men(35% hair growth) and women (37% hair growth) 
  • Guarantees visible changes within 12 to 16 weeks or recommended use
  • FDA cleared device
  • 1 year warranty
  • You can return the device even after six months of use, if dissatisfied with the product.

USAGE: Can be used 3 to 4 times a week, for upto six months to completely treat your problem.


iGrow unit
Remote control and cable
AC adapter 
Auxiliary cable (for use with MP3 player or other media)
Instructions manual

Bottomline: This device is not only high on quality and is supported by clinical studies but lots of positive customer reviews strengthen our trust even more, in the product. It is high on price but worth buying, for it is a one of its kind product in the market. 


2. I restore hair growth system

I Restore hair growth system is a medical grade device that claims to work for treating hair loss, using LLLT (low level light therapy). Being a non invasive and drug free treatment this one will improve cell metabolism and blood circulation thus reactivating hair follicles for hair regrowth.


  • Uses medical grade lasers and LEDs
  • Uses optimal 650 nm (red) wavelength
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Provides full scalp coverage
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Claims to work effectively within 12 weeks
  • Recommended not only to regrow hair but apt to improve hair quality and volume
  • Fully automatic and hands free, shuts down when the session is complete. (25 minute sessions at least 3 times a week)
  • Can be used other topical hair loss treatments
  • 100% money back, guarantee for a period 6 months
  • Supported with clinical testimonials where i restore usage showed 43.2% increase in hair count
  • Max growth kit also contains i Restore hair regrowth formula, serum and shampoo

USAGE: Can be used for a 25 minute session giving one day gap between recurring sessions.


i Restore system

AC Adapter

Quick start guide

User manual

Bottomline: A vey reliable, clinical grade and safe to use device. It is gentle on skin, efficient and is loved by users since it produces no side effects. This can also be a wise choice.


3. Capillus pro (272)

Capillus272 Pro, a medical device that uses low level laser therapy to promote hair regrowth for androgenetic alopecia (ie hair loss that is genetical). This one has been designed like a cap worn over the head such that is very flexible and fits adequately on almost everyone. When you wear it, it just looks like a sports cap!

It is apt for reversing hair loss, thinning and revitalising damaged hair.


  • Designed for maximum scalp coverage. The regular size cap covers a head circumference of 24 inches
  •  Consists of 272 laser diodes
  • Completely UV free
  • Auto programmed treatment sessions (6 minutes for each session)
  • Battery powered. Once the battery gets charged overnight, it will last for a week. It can be used at home, or on the go.
  • Manufactured under  (ISO13485) standards
  • FDA cleared device.
  • Provide medical advice related to hair restoration via capillus physicians.
  • A very generous 3 years warranty
  • Provide a 6 months satisfaction guarantee wherein the device can be returned within 180 or 210 days from the date of purchase and the money deducting 25% of the purchase price will be refunded.

USAGE: Can be used everyday for as less as 6 minute sessions.


Capillus Laser Therapy Device
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Adhesive Belt Clip for Battery Pack
Universal AC Adapter with 4 Interchangeable Input Blades for International Use
Capillus User Manual
Sports Cap
Lightweight Carrying Case
Accessories Pouch

Bottomline: A very powerful and high quality device. High on comfort and ease of usage. It is expensive but a very effective option.


4. Theradome hair growth helmet

Yet another device that is FDA cleared and claims to restore your hair using Laser technology is Theradome Hair growth Helmet. It uses effcetive cold lasers and powerful 678 nm red light for efficacious hair growth.


  • Provides optimal energy dosage with minimal time consumption
  • Clinical strength device, recommended by doctors
  • You will see visible changes in as little as 4 months, while full replenishment of hair can be seen in around 6 to 9 months depending upon the biology of the person. After that you just need to maintain the regimen.80 laser diodes for powerful full coverage
  • Portable hair growth device – operates on rechargeable batteries and you can walk around while using it
  • Lightweight (only 1 pound)  so it will be easy to wear it
  • The device automatically shuts off after 20 minutes
  • In order to fit all head sizes – it has foam inside so that the helmet can be used for smaller head sizes.
  • Backed by research and clinical data
  • A smart device that provides an automated treatment counting system keeps track of your number of treatments.
  • Provides useful reminders with voice guidance on battery usage and device status etc.
  • The device’s software gets automatic update reminders.
  • 1 year warranty, 120-day money back guarantee for US citizens.

USAGE: Twice a week for just 20 minutes

Bottomline: Highly satisfied customers bear testimony to the efficiency of this product. A very user friendly, smart device with hassle free after sales service and high quality medical grade guidelines make it a perfect buy for the price it demands.


EDITOR’s NOTE: Laser caps are a very safe and effective option to treat speedy hair loss. These use safe radiations and do not cause cancer or any other side effects. If used in accordance with the recommendations made by the manufacturers you may find in it a lasting cure. You may choose any one of them, depending upon: the ease of usage, the price and the gravity of your problem.