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Skinny Fiber is one of most popular weight loss and appetite suppressing pill, that makes use of glucomannan, a very effective hunger blocker also present in other products like Lipozene, Zero noodles etc. Skinny Body Max takes the fat burning properties of Skinny Fiber to another level by including thermogenic ingredients like Raspberry Ketones, Cayenne Extract, Garcinia Cambogia. Very few supplements do this , some others being "Phenocal" and Instant Knockout that combine thermogenic ingredients with Glucomannan. Though there are some other ingredients in Skinny Body Max and Skinny Fiber that are not completely proven effective for fat loss such as cha de bugre and caralluma, we believe that Skinny Body Max can nevertheless provide significant weight loss. However, Skinny Body Max doesn't provide great value for money and the quantity of ingredients is NOT known. We recommend Instant Knockout , which comes from a more reputed company, has Glucomannan as well as other ingredients that act as thermogenic metabolic boosters, lists its ingredients quantities in precise details, and provides a better value for money. If you are specifically looking for fiber for weight loss, we recommend Smoothie Diet.

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Skinny Body MAX claims to be a super-enhanced version of Skinny Fiber and represents the cutting edge of science, with the most advanced weight management product!

They claim- “If YOU or ANYONE you know has a need to manage their weight, whether its 10 pounds, 30 pounds, 100 pounds or MORE, Skinny Body MAX may very well be the product you’ve been hoping for!”

As you might be aware, Skinny Fiber has become the most popular slimming aid of choice presently available for individuals who genuinely desire to lose weight, by eating less and not feeling hungry between meals.

Skinny fiber contains glucomannan, will expand in your stomach following the capsule has dissolved and remains there longer, which helps you to feel full and will help you to decrease the quantity of food you do eat at meal times.

Most dieters found this particular very effective diet product a a way to eat more healthy and stop binge eating and suppress cravings that helped them control hunger and the amount of meals they eat.

Skinny Body Max  also includes besides Glucomannan, Raspberry Keytones, Cayenne Extract, Garcinia Cambogia and is an Amazon sold diet product and it is advertised to be more effective that other types of diet pills.

Similar to Lipozene and Trim Factor , the primary ingredient found in Skinny Fiber is Glucomannan, which is just a soluble dietary fiber that expands up to 50X its original size inside your stomach, which can make us feel fuller and eat less, and to support colon function, and consequently your whole digestive system.

Glucomannan is also used to produce “zero noodles”, which is also one of the most readily popular diet products.

Glucomannan is a unique all natural dissolvable dietary fiber defined on Wikipedia as a food additive used as an emulsifier and thickener. Believed to expand in your stomach to make you feel full, Glucomannan may help suppress your appetite to overcome the #1 enemy to weight management, overeating.

The ingredients are all natural and have no known negative side effects.

Skinny Fiber vs Skinny Body Max

Skinny Fiber Ingredients consist of a proprietary blend of a popular soluble fiber called Glucomannan (“Natures Skinny Sponge”), Caralluma Fimbriata (Natural Energy and Appetite Control), Chá de Bugre (“Brazil Weight Loss key”) and Enzymes for digestion of protein fats and carbs.

While Skinny Body Max ingredients are Glucommanan, Caralluma , Orafti Fiber, Probiotics, Raspberry Keytones, Cayenne Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Digestive Enzymes.

So, Skinny Body Max seems to be a more powerful weight loss pill, because it combines thermogenic fat burning ingredients like Cayenne Extract, Garcinia Cambogia with Glucomannan.

There are still very few supplements in the market that do this. Phenocal does this, and Instant knockout does this too.

What will not work is if you simply take Skinny Fiber and continue to overeat to excess aside from just how full you feel – continuing to binge on unhealthy processed foods and sugary foods and beverages expecting Skinny Fiber become a miracle cure, isn’t going to get you results you want as the supplement will likely to be fighting a losing battle with your unhealthy eating habits.

What makes Skinny Body Care a unique company is that only those who use the product are able to sell it – therefore validating that the item works and those who distribute it also have experienced great success with it.

However, this is also a MLM product and usually products sold via MLM don’t provide enough value for money.

It is named the 90 Day body weight Loss Challenge and all it requires is your commitment to take Skinny Fiber pills twice a day, drinking the right amount of water and stop eating at the very first sign of feeling full.

Many weight loss companies provide a “challenge” that lasts about 90 days or so.

In our opinion, this can all be traced back to the book, Body for Life by Bill Philips , which got individuals to exercise, consume well and take supplements made by EAS (Bill Philips was the master of EAS).

Though there are some ingredients in this diet pill that are not completely proven effective for fat loss such as cha de bugre and caralluma, we believe that Skinny fiber can nevertheless provide some measures of weight loss due to its other powerful ingredients.

While Skinny Body Max happens to be more powerful than Skinny fiber and is the latest fiber and fat loss health supplement by Skinny Body Care.

However, even Skinny Body Max doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the market, and the ingredients can be found in other similar products like Phenocal and Instant knockout.

Overall, Skinny Body Max doesn’t provide great value for money and the quantity of ingredients is NOT known.

User reviews

I have high blood pressure and I’m also a diabetic,it has helped me lose its not a miracle pill but it does work.I had to actually take the 90 day challenge in order to see some changes with my weight,everyone is different some people may lose quicker than others.
I looked up the skinny fiber and it has different ingredients, but mainly it gives you more soluble fiber to make you feel full (and I’m pretty sure it keeps things going in the digestion department).

I am still taking the product and 100% fully backing it. When I say I have tried EVERYTHING to loose, I mean it. SF has helped SO many loose weight and I know it may give you gas and bloating but, we can get you through it. Just let us work you through.

I have known a few people that have tried these other weight loss supplements but once they got down to their goal weight they quit using the method they were taking and ended up gaining all that weight back and then some.

I personally found that the Skinny Body Max is a stronger appetite suppressant for my body, but the Skinny Fiber kept me regular if not eating as much fiber, therefore I took both as follows: One Skinny Body Max capsule with my Skinny Fiber in the morning, then a dose of the Skinny Fiber (2 capsules) in the evening.

I tried this product also and no hope for weight loss I took the product as instructed you would think being a fiber you would not have problems with a bowel movement it was terrible I ate correctly exercised and for all the pics I seen of ladies saying they lost 20 lbs in a week and etc I’m confused on how they did it cause most pics the ladies weighted 200- 300 I weight 170 and could not even lose 5 lbs in a month not cheap.

I no longer sell Skinny Fiber because of it not working for me after something changed with the ingredients.

If you buy foods that say “low fat”, “healthy”, “made with real fruit”, “all natural”, “multigrain”, “sugar free”, “no sugar added”, and so on, it is very likely that you are being tricked by the manufacturers because they replace what is supposedly removed with other unhealthy ingredients to balance the flavor and make us more addicted to the “bad foods”.
I just took my first dose yesterday and I did everything it told me to, drink lots of water etc and my stomach feels like it is going to explode, massive diarrhea, sweating and chills, and even feeling dizzy and nauseated… Thought this was going to help me lose weight but it seems to be making me feel sick.