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TLC Iaso Resolution drops weight loss drops supposedly use ingredients popular in homoeopathy to help improve weight loss, also as encouraging users to follow a reduced calorie diet. Unlike other HCG programs, which recommend little to no cardio exercise or weight lifting, Resolution drops and a two-stage program lets you do regular cardio workouts and weight training. The phenomenal discovery by Dr, Simeons, that HCG hormone helps to use energy from our fat cells, when enough energy is not supplied from outside sources, is the foundation of these drops. But there are many companies that are selling the same HCG homeopathic drops, that are genuine and have better prices, return policies and fringe benefits. Along with the fact that they cater keenly to your health and provide support and make other diet relevant supplements accessible for you too! So search vigorously, and select the best option for yourself. We recommend Official HCG diet plan over Resolution drops.

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Resolution Drops are marketed as a diet drop supplement by the network marketing company Total Life Changes, the same company that markets IASO Ultra HCG2 Drops , and they are also sold on Amazon.

Total Life Changes offers two products for dramatic weight loss: (1) HCG Drops with a strict 500 calorie diet, and (2) Resolution Drops with a 1200 calorie healthy eating plan.

According to the company, Resolution Formula No. 20 weight loss drops, takes the cravings away.;Resolution is claimed to be a perfect choice for drastic weight loss in as little as 20 days.;These drops flush fats and toxins from your system and keeps food cravings away all day.

The recommended daily 1200-Calorie Diet Plan allows for a (200) calorie breakfast, (400) calorie lunch & dinner and two (100) calorie snacks throughout the day.;Preliminary tests have shown dramatic weight loss using a flexible 1200-Calorie Diet Plan.

(NOTE:…Although you consume only 500 Calories a day, you will be getting a balance in your calories from your body using the HCG Drops (using stored fat)..

When using Resolution Drops, users are advised to follow the diet plan, which consists of 1,200 calories a day.

Resolution is derived from certified-grade raw materials (the most pure ingredients available), processed according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and made in the U.S.A.

Total Life Changes recommends that you take 15 drops, three times a day before eating.

In our opinion, the weight loss successes that have been reported by people who have used Resolution Drops is probably more attributable to following the diet plan and exercising than it is to the drops themselves.


The ingredients are not made clear, and there is small to no supporting evidence because of their use; following the diet alone however probably will give some fat loss.

It supposedly uses ingredients popular in homoeopathy to help improve weight loss, also as encouraging users to follow a reduced calorie diet. Calcarea carbonia, also known as carbonate of lime or calcium carbonate is a chemical used in products such as for example this in a diluted state, in a similar manner to many other ingredients in Resolution drops.

Unlike other HCG programs , which recommend little to no cardio exercise or weight lifting, Resolution drops and a two-stage program lets you do regular cardio workouts and weight training that will not interfere with fat loss results.

User reviews

I still have 2 more days on Resolution and I’m definitely going to repeat this until I get to the weight I want to be at. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll get there!

I was a very relunctant customer of resolution drops, but they made a believer when i was done six pounds in 2 days… and 21 pounds in 18 days.

I know this is an older post but I purchased the resolution drops over a month ago but haven’t started taking it yet… Wanted to start today and decided to do some more research and came across your site, I did pay $79.95 and the ingredients are listed on the bottle, thanks breaking them down the nux has me worried because I’m not one to rely on any product but things are getting crazy and could use some motivation… I will excersise no matter what I choose but the resolution drops doesn’t require excersise. Foods I am including on the Resolution Drops Sample Meal Plan (Okro, Vegetable Soup, Roasted Plantain, Moi-moi, Beans, Egg white, Akara, Pap, Salads, Chicken grilled or roasted but de-skinned, beef fat trimmed off before cooking, For Catfish always grilled to reduce fat content.


PROTEIN: Egg Whites (6) 100 calories Chicken Breast 110 calories Turkey Breast 115 calories 95% Lean Grnd Beef 135 calories Eye of Round 180 calories Flank Steak 165 calories Top sirloin 190 calories Bison (buffalo) 110 calories Venison (deer) 120 calories 1 can Tuna Fish in water 80 calories Steak Lobster 95 calories Crab 85 calories Shrimp 110 calories Scallops 95 calories Orange Roughy 75 calories Cod 85 calories Flounder/Sole 90 calories Sea Bass/Tilapia 100 calories Halibut/Mahi-Mahi 110 calories

VEGETABLES: Each serving is weighed in at 1 cup Lettuce (any variety) 10 calories Cucumbers 20 calories Tomatoes 35 calories Celery 20 calories Onions 65 calories Spinach 10 calories Chard 10 calories Fennel 30 calories Red Radishes 20 calories Asparagus 30 calories Cabbage 25 calories Chicory 40 calories Beet Greens 10 calories

VEGETARIAN PROTEIN: Tofu (firm/extra firm) 75-100 calories Tofu Noodles 20 calories

DAIRY PROTEIN: Make sure all products are Fat Free” Milk – 1 Cup (8 oz.) 90 calories Yogurt (plain, non-fat) ¾ cup (6oz.) 103 calories Cottage Cheese (non-fat) ¾ cup (6oz.) 100 calories

FRUIT: Apple – 1 medium 74 calories Orange – 1 medium 95 calories Grapefruit – ¼ cup (sections) 85 calories Strawberries – 1 cup (sliced) 50 calories Blueberries – ½ cup (whole) 40 calories You can make a salad with a few different vegetables, just be sure to accurately calculate your portion sizes (2 cups total) and the corresponding calories.