Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines: Select the best one for yourslef!



Is it appropriate to say that Radio Frequency skin tightening confers minimum risk and maximum effect?  Lets find out…

For one to have tightened skin, the elastin and collagen fibers must be shrunk. This can be done by having the skin tissue exposed to either infra-red, radio frequency or ultrasound energies. You may find a very promising solution to your sagging skin in RF (radio frequency) skin tightening.

By definition: Radio frequency skin tightening (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

A study observed that RF acts mainly with the purpose of promoting changes in tissue conformation by thermal generation in deep layers of the skin tissue, thus being theoretically suitable for the treatment of wrinkles and skin laxity. (NCBI)

The actual effect of treatment……..In most cases, the skin firming effect can be appreciated immediately and for up to three days following therapy. After that, there is a period of relaxation in which the skin may once again appear as it did prior to treatment. However, after another week, when new collagen and elastic fibers begin reforming, the skin retightens and then maintains the correction.

The results of therapy are quite long-lasting and may persist for several months to as long as a year and a half or more! Radio Frequency can be repeated as necessary and used, intermittently, as a management system. If the weight is kept stable then the results should be relatively long lasting.


What is the difference between mono-polar, bipolar and multipolar (tetrapolar, octapolar) Rf devices?

There are many Rf devices that can be used at home and offer significant results. While looking for the best one for yourself do not get entangled in terms like mono-polar, bipolar etc……….. It should be known that radio frequency devices use electrodes to transfer RF energy to the skin. In the most simple terms we can tell you that mono-polar, bipolar etc correspond to the number of electrodes used in an Rf device.

The mono-polar device contains a single electrode with the positive and negative charges or poles kept far away from one another that will emit radiation in all directions and can optimally be used for skin tightening. These devices have more penetration power and not only reach the epidermis but also the dermis layer of skin upto the fat deposits in the skin. These are mostly used by some aestheticians and professionals.

Bipolar is the most common form of radio frequency used, where the two poles are very close to each other. It is effective to treat the epidermal layer of skin. It works at a superficial level when compared to mono-polar technique. Most of the DIY devices use bipolar frequency and are apt to be used for mild lifting and maintenance of skin at home.

Unipolar, on the other contains a single electrode but is similar to bipolar technology in the fact that the positive and negative charges are located close to one another co axially.

Tripolar involves three electrodes, and tetrapolar four electrodes where the the current keeps alternating between the electrodes. It is such that at a single point of time only two electrodes are active (one being positive and the other negative) and the other one or other two remain inactive. Alteration of current between the electrodes leads to deeper penetration.


  • Bipolar machines are the most cost effective and mild too. Best to be used at home. While some tripolar and tetrapolar machines are available that can be used at home, for even better results but they will be high on cost.
  • Moreover monopolar machines are mostly installed at dermatologists’s clinics and spas since they are professional grade and highly expensive machines.


Are there any side effects?

Every individual responds differently to this technique. The most common side effects that have been noted with this treatment are, redness, inflammation and oversensitivity of the treated area. Very seldom blisters and bruise may also be seen. The level of radiation used during this treatment fall within the safety levels and does not cause harm. The side effects are very manageable if a proper approach and reliable device is used.


“Being one of the best technique for skin tightening nowadays, you must not shy away from availing the benefits of this technology. Combat your sagging and ageing skin with the best RF tool. A safe and efficient machine will not only be economical but also work wonders for your skin. Choose the best for yourself from the devices listed below…”


1. Tripollar Stop

Tripollar Stop is one of the best device that uses Radio frequency for wrinkle removal and skin firming. The device’s use is not restricted to the face only, it can very well be used for the neck, chest, arms and abdominal skin. The heating effect of the device is mild enough to be easily tolerated on your skin and its ease of use along with the quality results that it will provide make it a very profitable and attractive option to buy.

Customer reviews about the product are overwhelmingly positive. You don’t need to rush to a dermatologist and empty your wallet out to attain youthful skin, instead take this one and achieve professional grade results.

How will it work?

This device heats the sub dermal tissue where the fibroblast cells (connective tissue that produces collagen) are stimulated to produce more of elastin and collagen. This causes firmness and tightening in the skin.


  • Provides a non invasive treatment where the RF thermal energy helps in formation of new collagen.
  • Very handy nad portable.
  • Causes immediate contraction of collagen fibres and guarantees to provide the results within 6-8 weeks.
  • Use Tripollar Stop preparation gel to enhance the electrode movements on the skin and ease energy transmission.
  • Enabled with a ‘Heat Sensor’. It consists of four electrodes which impart Rf thermal energy to your skin while a heat sensor always takes care of imparting the right amount of tolerable and safe level of heat to your skin. It is absolutely safe as long as you might be using it.
  • Apt for all types of skin. Provides to choose from high, medium or low power options in accordance with your skin needs and tolerance level.
  • The device is not recommended to be used over sensitive areas like eye lids, lips or genital. Also pregnant and nursing women, people recovering from surgery, heart patients etc should not use it or consult a doctor before using it.
  • The device is supported by clinical evidence(NCBI). It has an efficiency of reducing wrinkles and sagging skin at least up to 75 – 80%.
  • Real customer testimonials support its efficiency.
  • FDA cleared device.

USAGE: The device has to be plugged in a power source and used by gliding it over the target area. A sensor in the device will indicate when it has to be moved to the next area. Recommended to be used only for 15-20 mins 2 to 3 times a week. Visible difference in the skin should be seen within 6-8 weeks of use.


  • Instructions manual
  • Power Cord
  • Adapter

Bottomline: A ‘high quality’ and very reliable take home product. This is worthy of being ‘the best choice’ amongst all other RF devices.


2. Dia Panda Box RF Skin Care Beauty Device

Dia Panda box is a bipolar Rf skin tightening device that allows you to attain a very safe, hassle free and convenient skin firming and tightening treatment ‘at home’. Do not be confused with word ‘bipolar’. It simply means that the device has two (bi) electrodes, apositive and a negative one to transmit radio frequency energy to the deepest layer of epidermis.

It is a perfect option to treat sagging skin and all ‘age related symptoms’.

How does it work?

This device also works on the same principle like most RF devices, where the heat is used upto a level which causes shrinking of existing collagen fibres and formation of new collagen. 


  • Uses controlled therapeutic effects of hypothermia via RF technology to treat ageing skin.
  • Suitable to be used on face, neck arms, chest, abdomen and waist. Specifically designed for face lifting, wrinkle removal and shape overall body contour.
  • Effective for cellulite removal too.
  • Not very portable or easy to carry device, but is powerful. Emits upto 3MHz of RF wave power.
  • The control panel also allows you to set your treatment time.
  • Provides a wide range of intensity levels that you can choose from. A total of six levels allow you to try them and choose the one that best suits your skin.
  • The device is warranted against manufacturer’s defects.
  • CE certified and ISO 13485 class device.

USAGE: it is to be used on cleansed skin. Apply gel and slide the electrodes over your skin for stipulated amount of time. Recommended to be used for about 20-30 minutes with 10 to 15 days of interval between every session.

Most of the customers have been found to be satisfied with the  product. 


  • Power adapter (with a power plug and switch)
  • Control panel
  • Instructions manual

Bottomline: A very powerful and effective device that is moderate on price too. 


3. Derma Wand Kit

This is yet another non surgical, DIY device that uses RF technology to impart youthfulness to your skin. Known for its effectiveness and precision, the”RF technology’ provides instant stimulation to collagen and elastin producing cells in the skin, so the new collagen is formed. The newly formed collagen and the heat used in this method causes the shrinking of existing collagen fibres togethers causes vary visible and lasting skin tightening.

It is not very powerful since it has been made taking care of sensitive skin and making it safe for at home use.


  • Helps to minimise noticeable wrinkles, pores and loose skin.
  • Very effective for facial wrinkles, eyebrow lifting, reduce cheek puffiness, and diminish pore size.
  • Since it uses low voltage pulses, it is suitable to used around the eye area where most high power RF devices cannot be used.
  • The device does not use high intensity Rf energy, so it will take time to show results.
  • It is suitable for people with sensitive skin or this who have the patience to wait and want to go in for mild treatment sessions.
  • The device comes along with a pre treatment cream that will protect your skin and also enhance transmission of RF energy.
  • The device won’t shut down automatically so you have to use it with care and vigilance.
  • It will show results over a period of time.

It is suitable for mild ageing effects and not very severe and extreme sort of sagging skin or stubborn wrinkles. Lots of people have benefitted from the product’s use but mostly those who have a mild degree of age related skin problems and need a product to maintain firmness in their skin.

USAGE: The device can be used for 4 to 5 minutes for one of two sessions each day.


  • Pre treatment cream
  • Beauty guide
  • Power cord
  • Travelling pouch

Bottomline: A very cost effective and low power product, that should be used with the aim of achieving results in the long run. This product is high on customer satisfaction so it may be a good option for you if it suits your needs.


4. Norlanya New Mini Portable Anti-Aging Skin Care Matrix RF Fractional home use beauty machine

Matrix Rf device by Norlanya also uses skin heating via Rf technology that will cause formation of new collagen called ‘neocollagenesis’. The company claims to provide you visible changes in your skin even with one treatment. It is also a low power device that will provide manifest results but over a period of time. It also has built in ‘Red LEDs’ so it combines Rf technology with Red light therapy.


  • Apt for smoothening fine lines and wrinkles, loose jowls and sagging skin. Will also work well on other parts of the body.
  • Being mild in power it is suitable to be used on the upper and lower eyelids. Use low power mode in the eye area.
  • ‘Along with RF waves it also emits Red light to enhance the anti ageing effects.’
  • Convenient and low cost device.
  • It has three power options: Low, medium and high to adjust to all types of skin.
  • Comes with a rechargeable unit, that will work for at least 45 minutes after being fully charged.
  • Promises effective results in 8 to 10 sessions.
  • Manufacturer’s provide customer support and hassle free after sales service.
  • Provide 3-6 months warranty.
  • The return policy is limited to only 7 days.
  • ‘Norlanya’ being a known company for producing medical and aesthetic equipments is a trusted name and so you don’t need to worry about safety or any other hazards that the product may cause.

USAGE: Can be used daily or as and when required according to your skin’s demands.


  • USB Cord
  • Charger
  • One extra replace head
  • English Manual
  • Norlanya Gift Box

Bottomline: It is a very affordable and reliable product that is high on safety. No potent side effects or disadvantages reported. It can be a wise purchase.