Lipozene review: Does this gel forming glucomannan fat blocker work?

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Overall, Lipozene is a decent weight loss supplement. But the problem with this it has only one mechanism of losing weight. And the diet pills or supplements that work best for a majority of people, work by different mechanisms. So, while lipozene is good at using fiber for weight loss and blocking fat (using glucomannan), it lags behind in using ingredients that provide energy and act as thermogenic metabolic boosters. We recommend Instant Knockout , which has Glucomannan as well as other ingredients that act as thermogenic metabolic boosters, and provides a better value for money. If you are specifically looking for fiber for weight loss, we recommend Smoothie Diet.

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When you talk of Lipozene weight loss pill infomercial, you are going to realize that Lipozene is all natural with no known side effects.

Glucomannan is actually a great ingredient for a diet pill and we also are not astonished if people say Lipozene works as it does exactly what glucomannan is meant to do. It does make you feeling full and it will help limit cravings.

And it really does work great for some people, as many user reviews have reported:-

I order one container for the 30 day capsule whick I follow instructions and took 2 pills 3times each and every day with dinner and within bi weekly I lost like 2-3pounds, its amazing lipozene really help curB your appetite ,I’m not hungry on a regular basis and when I do eat I consume very little now.

In order to make use of Lipozene, all you have to to do is take 2 capsules with 8oz of water 30 minutes before each meal, which will create a “dietary fiber gel” in your stomach, help you’re feeling full, and minimize your caloric intake.

People have also reported that chia seeds might work in same fashion.

But the problem is this is only one mechanism of losing weight. And the diet pills or supplements that work best for a majority of people, work by different mechanisms.

So, while lipozene is good at using fiber for weight loss and blocking fat, it lags behind in using ingredients that provide energy and act as thermogenic metabolic boosters.

However, dietary fiber IS an essential section of a healthier eating plan and may help you drop some weight – perhaps not because it offers any fat-burning properties, but because eating healthy sources of fibre, such as vegetables & fruits, will allow you to feel more full and leave less space for unhealthy foods in your diet.

Please also discover the WebMD information on the glucomannan (the medicinal ingredient in lipozene) to see that there is insufficient evidence that this is of any assist in weight loss, and that there may be safety problems with taking this as a solid pill: /vitamins-supplements/ingredients.

In accordance with manufacturer, The ingredient in Lipozene is Glucomannan, an natural and organic super-fiber from the Konjac Root can make you’re feeling full quicker and for longer, helping you to eat less and lose weight.

According to some blogger- “I don’t understand what the other people’s problem had been or is while taking Lipozene but maybe they didn’t apply by themselves sufficient to quit eating fatty foods, smoking, drinking etc… Look you have to make some alterations in life to be able for the product to work.”

The other thing you should know is that the only ingredient found in Lipozene is really a widely used stomach filler, and while they claim its proven to market 5.5 pounds weight loss in 8 weeks, there is no guarantee on how much of it’s going to be excessive fat.

Specifically, it says that claims including, ‘78% of each pound lost is pure body fat’…’Lipozene guarantees you will lose weight and surplus fat’…’Lipozene diet pills are supported by multiple clinical studies’…and ‘Reduce pounds of excess fat and weight without a change in lifestyle’ aren’t supported by science.

Although the data at this point are too conflicting to reach any definite conclusions, there are enough studies showing positive results so it definitely makes sense for lots of people wanting to lose some weight to give glucomannan a try.

As well as eating a fiber-enhanced diet, we certainly recommend dietary fiber supplements, including those containing glucomannan, requiring to lose weight, with good results.

Experts also do say that diets like Smoothie Diet and exercise are suggested, so it’s almost a given reality that the people you see in the lipozene testimonials were put on a strict diet and exercise regimen at the same time they were taking Lipozene, which makes it impractical to determine which actions were actually accountable for the fat loss.

About Glucomannan

Glucomannan – this water-soluble fiber expands and acts as a dietary fiber gel in your stomach that can give you a sense of fullness, so you eat less and also as an outcome, reach finally your weight loss goals quicker.

On its internet site, it states: Glucomannan creates a sponge-like effect in the intestine, making you feel full and in turn reducing your caloric intake… Glucomannan assists in weight loss minus the necessity for a diet or lifestyle change.”?

A small Norwegian study published in the journal health Science Monitor in 2005 found that overweight subjects taking glucomannan supplements lost an average of 8.6 pounds over five days, but they also stuck to a skimpy diet of 1,200 calories each day.

However such claims have been controversial, when it comes to lipozene.

Obesity research Council the parent company behind Lipozene was forced by the Federal Trade Commission to pay a $1.5 million settlement in 2005 due to misleading weight-loss claims that violated federal laws.

Second, while Lipozene’s ingredients have been shown to aid individuals lose weight, a one-month supply of the health supplement can cost you almost $90.

Side effects

Lipozene consists of natural ingredients, therefore it has some standard adverse effects related to its intake.

A few of the known common unwanted effects of Lipozene are: Fuel Pain into the abdomen stomach disappointed Pain due to distended belly Unease and distress in the stomach, with a feeling to puke often.


Overall, user reviews are mixed and it’s NOT a miracle pill.

Nor should you fall for the exaggerated advertising claims about Lipozene’s “exclusive formula” which, according to the internet site , is clinically proven” to help people lose weight by nevertheless consuming whatever they want.” Not only that, but 78% of weight lost is pure excessive fat,” the website dubiously claims.

This raises some questions. NOT to mention many users hate the high price.

Lastly, it uses only one mechanism of losing fat. That’s why it won’t work for everyone.

User reviews

I don’t know what we are doing wrong or if we are doing anything wrong, but the pills are not working for my husband or me. Well I have been walking everyday for two hours, if the weather is nice and if it is cold or raining I do some workouts inside for about an hour then I get up clean house anything to stay busy then I will do another set of workouts.

Been taking lipozene for 5 days with diet and exercise, taking 4 pills total (2 in afternoon 2 before dinner) I’ve lost no weight at all.

I’m a nurse and i tried lipozene it really works i have notice weight loss in the stomach and waist area,i also use a combination of quick pure slim x3 gummies that are made for women when i have light meals i use the and lipozene when i have heavier meals, so i’m at my goal,so i have cut back on liopeze once a day and do the quick purex3 gummies from walmart try this method and tyou will begin to see results in a 2 key drink plenty of water at lease 8 oz or more a day.

Hi so far I have taken two bottles of Lipozene so far no results but I will give my self at least six months before I just say it is not working I have read so of the comments about the product not working have some of you change your eating habits or you just depending on the pills to do all the work.

I just started taking it was suggested to me by my pharmacist I take a lot of meds similar to u and he told me this is okay to take with all my meds and it safe he actually started taking it to see how it works for him self he don’t need to lose weight he just wants to see the effects so far it don’t cause me know problems but I just started it so no results yet except makes me less hungry so far I think u need to take it for at least 10 weeks to see any results plus I start physical therapy in a couple days so hoping with that it will bring me Gd results I only want to lose 10-20 lbs but 15 would be okay iam not really fat I just gained a Lil weight due to my meds and being bedbound at times but yeah as far as taking meds I was told to take this and that it won’t interfere with any of my meds which I take like 12 to 15 meds daily hope this helps u but if ure not sure u should ask ure doc or pharmacist first and also some ppl need to start with one pill 30 mins before a meal 3 times a day than increase it after ure body gets used to the fiber in it but the bottle states to take 2-30 mins before meals 3 times a day also it important to drink alot of water when taking the pills so it don’t get stuck in ure throat of digestive track so u really should consult a professional about ure concerns and how u should take it everyone is different hope it works Gd luck also I bought mine at Walmart I got two bottles for 19.98$ plus tax hopefully I don’t need to take for ten weeks cause that means that I or we would have to buy 7 two packs all together costing 140$ cause it 30 pills pre bottle two bottles in one pack but that is a lot cheaper than buying it online so iam honoring for the best and hope this helps u.