Does Keto diet really work for weight loss?


The Ketogenic Diet involves eating fats and proteins while eliminating virtually all carbohydrates.

It is a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as a source of energy. It’s a diet plan that riggers ‘ketosis’ in your body!

Simply, our body, organs, muscles and brain can use either glucose or ketones for fuel. It is the function of the liver and pancreas (primarily) to regulate that fuel supply and they show a strong bias toward sticking with glucose. Glucose is the ‘preferred’ fuel because it is derived in abundance from the diet and readily available readily from liver and muscle stores.

Ketones have to be deliberately synthesised by the liver; but the liver can easily synthesise glucose (a process known as ‘gluconeogenesis’ that uses amino acids (protein) or other metabolic intermediaries) too.

We don’t get beta hydroxybutyrate, acetone, or acetoacetate (ketones) from the diet. The liver synthesises them only under duress; as a last measure in conditions of severe glucose deprivation like starvation. That’s the key to losing fat on a keto diet.

Every diet has a set of challenges as we all know. Getting the right information will, will help you make a better decision for yourself as you might have been deluded by many people who might have shared their negative experiences with you..

The success from any diet plan depends upon, how you follow it.. Are you able to stick to it and follow all protocols?

IF nutritional ketosis is used for weight loss, in the right and proper manner, it will cause much more good than any possible harm.

There are multiple benefits linked to a keto diet:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Anti ageing
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Longevity
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Women’s health
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved sleep and energy levels
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Acid reflux disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzhiemer’s disease
  • Mental trauma

But there are certain side effects or symptoms that are in the initial phase, but you need to WATCH OUT for them:

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Muscle cramps
  • Constipation/digestive problems
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea

Moreover, you need to follow KETO in a very guided manner, so that you stay much far away from’ Ketoacidosis’ too!

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Is the Keto Diet dangerous?

There is no evidence to show that keto diets are damaging to the body. In fact, with their superior weight loss and associated reductions in inflammation in the body, there are a number of benefits, particularly for individuals with high blood glucose levels, fatty liver and significant amounts of weight to lose.

If nutritional ketosis is used for weight loss, in the right and proper manner, it will not cause you harm.

The benefits of a ketogenic diet, far outweighs the side effects. As we have already seen that the side effects are very manageable. You cannot call this diet ‘dangerous’ in any manner. But, yes it should be followed with care and proper knowledge about it and guidance should be taken.

Will the ‘keto diet’ starve me?

The ONLY similarity between starvation and the ketogenic diet is the production of ketones in the body. Ketone production is a natural process in the body and is not some abnormal process that is damaging to the body.

During starvation the ketone production is uncontrolled while during ‘nutritional ketosis’ which is induced via keto diet plans, their production is kept within permissible limits that are require to burn fat.

You are not actually fasting but this diet will put your body in a condition that mimics fasting.

The body is not at all starving, because the diet involves lots of healthy fats and proteins which provide your body with the much needed energy. Being ‘keto adapted’ your body will be able to efficiently utilize ketones as a source of energy!

What’s So Great About Ketosis Anyway?

When the body switches over to running primarily on ketones a number of very cool things happen:

  • Lipolysis (body fat breakdown) is substantially increased
  • Muscle catabolism (muscle loss) is substantially reduced
  • Energy levels are maintained in a high and stable state
  • Subcutaneous fluid (aka ‘water retention’) is eliminated

Basically, when we are in ketosis our body is using fat (ketones) to fuel everything. As such, we aren’t breaking down muscle to provide glucose. That is, muscle is being spared because it has nothing to offer; fat is all the body needs (well, to a large extent). For the dieter this means substantially less muscle loss than what is achievable on any other diet.

As a bonus, ketones yield only 7 calories per gram. This is higher than the equal mass of glucose but substantially less (22%, in fact) than the 9 calorie gram of fat from whence it came. We like metabolic inefficiencies like this. They mean we can eat more but the body doesn’t get the calories.

Regarding energy, our brain actually REALLY likes ketones so we tend to feel fantastic in ketosis – clear headed, alert and positive. And because there is never a shortage of fat to supply ketones, energy is high all the time. Usually you even sleep less and wake feeling more refreshed when in ketosis.

Research shows, how it is beneficial for health and triggers weight loss to! (Harvard Medical School)

Making the diet work?

  • Follow it with the right approach. Gain proper knowledge and follow it under correct guidance.
  • Take all precautions like, drinking enough amount of water, right intake of macronutrients and achieve optimum ketone production for fat loss. Use ‘keto calculator to calculate the correct ratio of your macros.
  • Take enough amount of fat, and the right supplements to evade symptoms of ‘keto flu’ and have sustained energy.
  • Give time to your body to adapt
  • Depend only on ketogenic foods (those which are permissible).
  • Be perseverant, stick to the diet to reap its immense benefits
  • You can follow the Cyclical Keto diet, after your body is adapted to ketosis. This will help you relax and lose weight easily thus enjoying the best of results.


Gain the right knowledge, and free yourself of all confusions.

If you really need to lose weight, take halt and stop looking for zero carb, no carb or other 200 calorie diet plans. Neither does nay weight loss supplement or pill help in the long run, until you make a lifestyle change and include physical activity too.

With bundles of therapeutic benefits and general health benefits attached to the ketogenic diet plan you may embrace this one and find for yourself that this is the best low carb diet out there!

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