The Hollywood diet review : Did Johnny Depp lose weight on Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet?

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We hate to break it to you, but Hollywood celebs don't really lose fat using a fad diet like the 48 hour miracle diet. Although it liberates you from eating processed and refined foods, even if only for a few days. The truth is a healthy weight loss plan, is always more of a lifestyle and less of a temporary "fix-it" diet. Most people gain back the weight they lost in a short time frame. We recommend Instant Knockout, Smoothie Diet or IdealShape 30 days diet plan over the Hollywood Diet.

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The Hollywood diet products were created by Jamie Kabler. He is really a self-proclaimed “diet counselor to your stars.” Based on the Hollywood diet website, Kabler invented the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet after visiting a European health spa.

The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet was the to begin the Hollywood Diet items, but ever since then the line has been expanded to include the Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet, the Hollywood Daily Miracle Diet Drink Mix, Meal Replacement, and various dietary supplements.


The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is probably the most commonly known of the various Hollywood products. It is an orange colored drink that is intended to be a complete food alternative to a 48 hour duration.

Dieters are instructed to shake the bottle well and then mix four ounces of the drink with four ounces of water (bottled water is advised) and sip this mixture during the period of four hours. This has to done four times each time. The dieter is instructed to drink eight glasses of water each time while on this diet.

For the two days that the dieter is following the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet, the beverage mixture and water are all that the dieter is permitted to consume. The dieter cannot eat or drink anything else. This restriction even includes products that do not have calories, such as diet sodas and chewing gum.

During this time the dieter is told that for optimal results he/she cannot have any caffeine or alcohol while regarding the diet, and cannot smoke.

Both Hollywood diet formulations are manufactured mainly of fruit juice concentrates. They do contain a significant number of vitamins.

The 24 hour variation of the diet contains 100% associated with the daily recommended value of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E, also as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, and panto-thenic acid in each four ounce serving. The 48 hour formulation contains 75% for the daily needed value of these nutrients and nutritional elements. Both formulations have 25 grams of carbohydrates, 20 milligrams of sodium, 22 grams of sugar, and no protein ineach four ounce serving.

The Hollywood diet website also includes an alternative diet plan that is more comprehensive than either the 48 or 24 Hour diets. This diet plan is named the 30 Day Miracle Program. It implies that this program be followed to help the dieter retain the positive results achieved during the 48 or 24 Hour Diets.

The attack stage comprises of strictly eating high proteins foods that will result in noticeable weight loss while the cruise phase adds veggies to your diet plan and helps you achieve your real weight.

Benefits: Quick and short-term fat loss; Promotes a sense of lightness; Contains healthy and natural ingredients; Liberates you against eating processed and refined foods, even if only for a few days.

Just how celebrties lose fat?

We hate to break it to you, but Hollywood celebs don’t really lose fat using a fad diet like the 48 hour miracle diet.

Their 30 day miracle diet is better, but even that is NOT the best.

And no, Johnny Depp didn’t use this Hollywood Diet.

Johnny Depp lost fat and gained muscle making use of a vegan diet plan.

Reese Witherspoon went right back to her movie star shape just 8 weeks after having her baby by doing yoga , eating healthy, and getting a good amount of outside exercise and walking when she can.

Gabrielle Reece lost 34 pounds in 5 months just by going back to being natural active by doing Pilates, swimming, and circuit training and her diet consisted of weight loss foods like oatmeal, salads, brown rice, and different protein sources and she admitted to having some chocolate nearly every day.

Britney Spears ate 1200 calories a day by eating various fat reduction foods like chicken, salmon, rice, and avocados including having egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for meal and…

Monica Seles lost 33 pounds going from a size 14 to a slim size 6 by having a diet of 60 percent protein, 20 per cent carbs & 20 per cent healthy fats and she additionally did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of body sculpting twice a week plus she did 10 minute walks everyday.

Another great exemplory instance of a celebrity using diet and exercise to achieve her good looks is Jessica Alba, who eats several small, healthier meals a day.

Jersey Shore star Snooki took the dream path for maintaining off child weight during her pregnancy by opting for a diet of… cookies Yep, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet apparently allowed her to make the most of sugar cravings during the day with six of his special cookies en lieu of breakfast and lunch, followed by a healthier dinner of chicken or seafood.

Harrington lost ten pounds in ten days following the regimen Beyonce used to get healthy on her behalf movie Dreamgirls, starting with a liquid-only diet: a lemonade comprising cayenne pepper, lemons and maple syrup, drunk nine times daily for the first two days.


I believe it is great that purposeful cheating is being built into many associated with popular diet plans nowadays because if you should be likely to change your whole lifestyle then it makes sense to acknowledge which you are not always likely to be perfect about your food choices.

The truth is a healthy weight loss plan, is always more of a lifestyle and less of a temporary “fix-it” diet, and usually relies around the idea that each of your meals contains one of every one of four primary food groups: protein, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats.

In the event that you start through eating one color of fruits and vegetables every single day, you can establish a healthy habit of including color into your diet, but don’t forget the protein and whole grains.

Experts also advise people transitioning to a vegan diet to replace meat and dairy with foods that have a similar nutritional profile, like tofu, beans, and dark, leafy greens to ward off nutrient deficiencies Also, instead of Bey and Jay Z’s plan, which costs about $600 for 22 days, it’s advisable to just decide to try going vegan with a friend.

If you start by consuming one color of fruits and vegetables each and every day, you can begin a healthy habit of including color into your daily diet, but never forget the protein and whole grain products.

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is a large fan of the alkaline diet which is just a meal plan directed at keeping your own body’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45. To be able to be alkaline-friendly, participating dieters need to follow an 80/20 guideline of more vegetables and less grains and proteins.

Food is your most useful ally in your quest to create a better figure,” says Dr. Philip Goglia, founder of Performance Fitness Concepts, who has overseen the diets of actors like Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ryan Gosling through their long-time partnership with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Following these suggestions, such as avoiding sugar, red meat, and fatty meals, are more likely than the 24 and 48 hour diets to result in moderate, sustainable weight loss.