Herbalife 30 day Ultimate weight loss program kit review

Overall score : 2.3

Herbalife weight loss kits are known as the quick and effortless weight loss system with the use of various protein shakes and the various supplements the company offers. Overall, we believe this weight loss system doesn't provide a good value for money and the cost is on the higher side for most people. Probably because it is marketed through MLM and your consultant/seller takes a good cut in between. There are several user reviews that claim they still felt hungry while using Herbalife shakes and many users didn't like the taste. We recommend IdealShape Diet plans over Herbalife 30 day Ultimate weight loss kit. IdealShake is the best tasting meal replacement shake out there, been in business since 6 years and has more powerful hunger-blocking ingredients. If you are looking for a more natural, sustainable dieting strategy, we also recommend Smoothie Diet.

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Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company that develops protein shakes, fat loss supplements, recreations and energy products, and a beauty product line.

Herbalife weight loss kit may help you slim down, it provides a organized easy-to-follow meal plan with health coaching, and meal replacement shakes are convenient once you’re always in a hurry or on the go.

However, like most meal replacement based diet plans, you may feel hungry when following the plan, get bored with drinking shakes, or experience unpleasant side effects. Although Herbalife provides complementary products like energy bars, appetite suppressing products to help you out.

But, it doesn’t happen to provide a great value for money.

Founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, the worldwide nutrition company went on to run in over 90 countries, developing a workforce of nearly 8,000 employees and a roster of products focusing on weight loss, meal replacement, protein shakes, energy, fitness, supplements, skincare and haircare.

Herbalife meal-replacement programs, are supposed to not only assist you to to control you calories intake in a healthy way but it will lead you to regain good metabolism necessary to maintain your bodyweight.

Their markeitng pitch is like , where do you want to put Your money into: fad diet plan, the 1 day diet plan, the grapefruit diet program, the cabbage diet plan, and the liquid diet regime — our range of nutritionally-balanced healthy natural weight reducing products will help you get yourself looking and feeling your very best, reach finally your best natural wellness, and also make you look & feel like a brand new person.

You can count calories with all the diet plan, but you need not. The company provides you using the nourishment tools you need to make smart decisions about healthy eating by simply after nourishment tips and recommended meal plans.

Fat loss shakes work on the premise that in the event that you take the guess work out of eating and replace food having a meal replacement shake, then you can lose weight fast.

So, Herbalife Diet is also known for the quick and effortless weight loss system with the use of various protein shakes and the various supplements the company offers.

Things to keep in mind

  • Note that the fundamental of this program is to not simply to reduce/control your everyday calories intake, but more notably to get the body a healthy amount of proteins and nutrition per day so as to get the metabolism back a healthy shape.
  • Yes, the heart of the Herbalife weight management programs is a meal replacement product known as Formula 1 which is a low calories and high protein shake which comes in 3 delicious flavours.
  • Herbalife nutrition products (including Formulas 1, 2, 3) additionally the targeted nutrition items are not only safe for usage during pregnancy, but are employed by many pregnant women around the globe as being a source of great, healthy, nutritional supplementation in addition to balanced and healthy diet.
  • Dieters are required to use their meal replacement products called Healthy Meal for one or two meals on a daily basis and also supplement their diet with Herbalife’s supplement line.
  • You do not feel hungry, energy level increases significantly, and in the event that you take the item correctly you will loose weight, this is simply not a miracle product you nevertheless need to eat healthy and exercise if you want long term results, the item can only do this much, you still have to do your component so that you can reach you weight loss goals.
  • However, none of the people on those plans exclusively used the shakes on their own, they always had another protein supplements added to the base shakes and there were so many confounding facets within the study you could never put it down seriously to the fact they were having products which were accelerating weight loss.
  • Based on the user reviews, we find that the cost of Herbalife weight loss kits and the associated products is typically on the higher side, with many users complaining about the high cost, when there are other similar meal replacement diet plans available at much lesser price. For example, IdealPlan.
  • For those whom may still feel hungry due up to a more active lifestyle or to simply help you can get accustomed to the meal-replacement program, combine the shake with the Personalized Protein Powder to cater for the extra calories required.
  • The vegetarian diet weight-loss meal plan using Herbalife products is a breeze to follow.
  • While some users appear to have actually lost weight by replacing a few meals per day with Herbalife Shakes, others appear to have been too revolted by the taste to even complete a single shake.
  • A supplement by the name L ‘Assortment Plus may be the one designed by Herbalife to replace at minimum two meals on a solitary day with a combination of Formula 1 shakes that are fortified with Formula 3, a protein health supplement powder.


The Herbalife weight loss diet emphasizes the need a very low calorie diet plan that includes pre-packaged, specially manufactured replacement meals, including shakes, soups, and pubs.

Meal Replacement does work, but often doesn’t produce long lasting results because once people are exhausted of spending money on the product, they revert back once again to their old habits of eating and sometimes gain the weight back.

Nevertheless the main criticism of this course of action is it causes a reliance on the pre-packaged meal replacements and will not do anything to teach you about eating healthy on your own.

A wholesome weight loss progress is mostly about losing 0.5 – 1 kg, you should not hurry it. Also, you might not see much weight drop on your scale unless you incorporate exercise into your diet plan.

So we recommend you to take progress pictures and body measurements to trace your weight loss effort instead of monitoring during your scale as it can lie to you sometimes.

Herbalife can help you reduce weight if you’re following the master plan, which is a reduced-calorie and balanced diet plan focusing on protein-rich dinner replacement shakes as well as other dietary supplements.

A severely restricted calorie diet is simply not just a lifestyle option, and unfortunately, when using dinner replacement shake, like the Herbalife Formula 1, you might be seriously restricting calories (assuming you are with them in place of a normal, healthy meal).

Overall, we don’t think Herbalife provides a good value for money, nor are the shakes very tasty.

User reviews

Hi I am using herbal life from last 10 day I did’t see any change in my body I take a cup of tea in early morning and 11: am I will take shake and 2:OO I will one small bowl of vegetable dalia than I take engery drink at 4:oo PM at 5:00 I will take Half bowl of Dalia again and at 8:00 Pm shake again some time I take tea or milk at night rarely is my routine is wright or wrong any on suggest.

Replace your meal with your shake…so, 3 times shake daily…dont forget tea mix and aloe…drink at least 6litres of water everyday…for extra, i also eat 6 green apples everyday…result, i lost 3kg in 2 weeks… I started using Herbalife shakes and vitamins for weight loss, now 15 kg less I keep using the shakes and bars I eat more vegetables, doing exercise and drink water.

I have been using herbalife for 2 weeks from now…lost 2kg…i take 2 shakes daily and a light meal…but i feel there is no change in mymeasurements…my waistline tends to be bulgier…i dono whether im followin wrong…

To all you skeptics and people saying bad comments I have to correct you,I have herbal 2 times in my life ,the 1st time I lost 32 kilos and 10 years later I did it again and lost 20 kilos ,if you have the right distributed that sells it to you and knows what they are talking about it works brilliantly,and for the so called herbal life distributed that wrote 2 shakes are for weight gain ,you have no idea what you are talking about, you replace 2 meals with 2 shakes and you can have 1 meal.

You may pay $100 per month (or more) to follow Herbalife’s weight loss diet because you’ll be buying the plan plus Herbalife shakes and other supplements.

I just started Herbalife last week,taking it twice a day and eating a moderate lunch and no gym, I’ve lost 10 pounds just this week!.. I also feel much better about myself and the motivation I get from my coach and the people at the center I visit is AMAZING..I was extremely skeptical about it but this has been soooooo beneficial for me that I can’t even explain it!.

I just attended a herbalife seminar and yes, to gain weight you do 3, 3 and 3. You supplement 3x a day, drink shakes 3x a day and have meals 3x a day. If you drink your shake without drinking water first, your body tries to take all the moisture from the shake which then makes it harder to go through your digestive system and makes you feel nauseous.

Everytime I drink my herbal life shake, formula 1 healthy meal, I feel good.


If wasn’t for my Sister then I would still had that problem and everything is good just follow the instructions and remember people 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and drink temperatures water cuz if you do you will loss 68% of body fat….. And if you have a coach and remember this words: ( hate your coach but love your result)

Once you have lost the weight that you want to lose you phase off the diet by switching to one shake a day and 2 meals of proper portion size and proper nutritional value, focusing on having less sugars and more lean proteins…and yes you can still have carbs; you just minimize them and choose healthier alternatives such as sweet potatoes instead of brown potatoes, or whole grains instead of products made from white flower.

Been using it for two weeks now,so far i feel nor see any good change at all,except that it gives me a lot of appetite and the shake makes me full just for few minutes,i take shake and tea early in the morning ,then snacks ,one healthy meal for lunch,in the evening shake and tea nit forgetting that i also use aloewhat ive realised is that im gaining instead of losing my clothes are now tighter than they were before i started using it, i just dont know if maybe im doing something wrong,im thinking of giving up cos I’m even exercising onto of that eating well.

I have also been using herbalife and i have more energy now then i have ever had.. i havent been feeling hungry at all.. at dinner i literally have to make myself eat the meal which i should be excited about because its the one meal im allowed to eat besides snacks.. but im always full… and if youre like me, you rarely have time for breakfast.. i can quickly make the shake and its delicious.. by the time snack and lunch come up im still feeling full… its a success for me.. im trying to lose 30 punds by march… we’ll see how it goes.. but i have lost 3 pounds in 2 days so far im feeling confident…i have so much more energy.. its amazing.. no lie.

Herbalife is a very good product ive tried it its worked for me in the past i stoped using it of financial problems but ever since i stoped using im again gaining weight im at 350 pounds im going to start using it again cause in the past ive lost aboout 230pounds i dont frink their pills pnly tea shake aloe and its worked wonders on me and going to use again excellent product it a way of life many of us have bad eating habbits but excercise is good drinking water and tea is good i love this product ive tried something caled sparx it sucks it doenst do anything for me but herbalife is a awesome.

I am sceptical to such weight loss programmes that involve shakes instead of eating can a wellness coach pls tell me given the amount I need to lose to be healthy whether I can expect these.