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HCG complex are homeopathic diet drops, developed to enhance reduction of fat in your body. These drops have to be used in conjunction with the original HCG diet protocol developed by A.T.W Simeons. The phenomenal discovery by Dr, Simeons, that HCG hormone helps to use energy from our fat cells, when enough energy is not supplied from outside sources, is the foundation of these drops. The HCG Complex drops come with all diet guidelines that are to be followed, and with an exclusive membership that makes other diet relevant supplements accessible for you. The product is well trusted and has provided satisfactory results for many. But there are many companies that are selling the same HCG homeopathic drops, that are genuine and have better prices, return policies and fringe benefits. Along with the fact that they cater keenly to your health and provide support too! So search vigorously, and select the best option for yourself. We recommend Official HCG diet plan over HCG complex.

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The Skinny on HCG Complex

Introduction to HCG complex:

First of all let’s make ourselves clear about what HCG is? (Read more..)

Sponsored: Why we recommend "Official hcg diet plan" over "Hcg complex"

Considering you to be a person who’s heard about the official HCG diet plan for the first time, we will try to explain about it to you as finely as possible,(Read more..)

Introduction to the HCG diet plan:

So what is the hcg Diet Plan? The HCG Diet is a medical weight loss plan that involves using a tiny amount of the hormone HCG, (Human chorionic gonadotropin) along with a carefully planned, very low calorie diet. (Read more..)

HCG drops versus injections!

For all of you who’ve decided to embrace the HCG diet plan, at least once this question might have popped up in your mind.(Read more..)

How to choose the best HCG drops?

You can find the drops in registered pharmacies, retail stores, or online. (Read more..)

HCG Diet verus other diets

( talking about keto, atkins, paleo and phnetermine diets)(

Positive reviews on HCG diet :

It’s the HCG diet.(

Negative reviews on HCG diet:

I am finishing phase 2 of hCG now. (

Positive reviews on HCG COMPLEX:

I never knew I could lose all the extra pounds and come back to my original pre-pregnancy weight. (Read more..)

Negative reviews on HCG COMPLEX:

It doesn't work and It caused headaches, very disappointing! (Dana Guillen)(Read more..)


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