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The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy, is not just another diet book! It attempts to revamp your daily intake of foods. It is a road map to return to a healthier way of living. It aims at changing your metabolism by taking in the right kinds of food, to make your body relax first and then enter into a fat burning mode. In her book she provides daily guidelines, sample meals and their recipes. Thus, if you are determined to put in the required effort, it is good health knocking at your doorstep. The customer reviews on this product are gratifying, but if you still want an improved version, which is more structured, with less complexity and does not devour up all your precious time, we recommend you check out Metabolic Cooking.

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The Skinny on Fast Metabolism Diet

Introduction :

The Fast Metabolism Diet, developed by Hollywood diet consultant and best-selling author of the book, (Read more..)

Editor's note: Why we recommend "Metabolic cooking" over "Fast metabolism diet"

All of us agree by consensus that amongst all the assets we have, TIME is the most precious! (Read more..)

Which foods increase metabolism?

Your body converts food into fuel. (

Positive customer reviews:

The book is very informative on nutrition and how what we eat affects our bodies. (Read more..)

Negative customer reviews:

Diet is easy to follow, but her instructions are too wishy-washy. (Read more..)