Fast diet – The 5:2 diet review | Is it the best intermittent fasting diet for weight loss?

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Breaking the myths of traditional fasting, Michael Mosley came up with a diet plan, introducing intermittent fasting, to people whose obesity levels continue to soar, even after trying standard dietary advice. Fast Diet is a 5:2 plan that suggests the dieter eat for five days and reduce calories to 500 for two days. Scientific studies are a testimony to the benefits of fasting. This is a new approach to dieting, which naturally helps to relax your body, detoxify your system, and trigger fat burning. Lots of success stories and good opinions can be found being published about this diet, leaving some subtle realities unearthed! Make sure before you embark on the journey of 5:2 dieting, to be aware of calorie restriction that it chains you in. Trying this plan, and then embracing it as a lifestyle habit, has been difficult for many. We believe there are better and more flexible, dieter friendly plans out there, which focus on intermittent fasting as the key to weight loss. We recommend Eat Stop Eat program over Fast Diet.

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Recommended - Eat Stop Eat

The Skinny on Fast Diet

Introduction to The 5:2 fast diet :

The Fast Diet is an overall health and weight loss diet that emphasizes fasting during certain days of the week. (Read more..)

SPONSORED: Why "Eat Stop Eat" diet plan is the perfect way to kickstart with "intermittent fasting"?

Eat stop eat, is a diet plan developed by the diet guru, Brad Pilon, who understands the psychology of a dieter and has made it flexible enough, not to interfere with your energy levels, or hinder your daily work schedule.(Read more..)

Everything about intermittent fasting!

Quite evident from the name itself, intermittent fasting is a healthy eating style where you fast for a set period of time and then followed by a period of consuming filling and healthy meals.  It is fasting and feasting intertwined in a way to give you potent health benefits!(Read more..)

Women and intermittent fasting:

Women’s bodies are sensitive and before trying anything new, we want you to start it with conviction and goodwill. (Read more..)

The Fast diet FAQs:

Is this diet backed by any research?(

Expert reviews:

While there are health benefits to intermittent fasting, like with the 5-2 diet, the one concern I have with this 5:2 diet is they have no rules or regulations for the five higher-calorie days. (Read more..)

Positive customer reviews:

I really like the fast diet. I've been on it seven weeks and have lost almost 8 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. (Read more..)

Negative Customer reviews:

It was too hard to keep up. Like all diets, I couldn't stick to it and it would not have been a natural way for me to live. (Read more..)