310 shake and diet plan review

Overall score : 2.6

Overall a very nice meal replacement shake making use of The Tri-Plex proteins that include plant proteins, fiber and nutrients. These nutrients offer unique benefits to assist you control cravings, enhance fullness, and boost energy. However, compared to other vegan organic shakes like IdealRaw and Shakeology, it falls short of some other potent nutrients, superfoods and ingredients. Taste-wise, 310 is NOT the best out there. Besides, user reviews reveal that just like with other shakes, to really lose weight with 310, one has to use extra supplemental products to utilize along with the shakes to round out the nutritional and digestive needs. We recommend IdealRaw over 310. IdealRaw is the best tasting vegan protein shake out there that contains plant protein from 7 different plants and nutrients from 5 different fruits.. So, it beats 310 in quality and taste. Besides, the company has been in business since 6 years and their product has more powerful hunger-blocking ingredients. If you are looking for a superfoods-based natural, sustainable dieting strategy, we also recommend Smoothie Diet.

User reviews

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After reading through various weight loss shakes reviews, it appears that 310 Shake does concern itself with helping you lose weight as in opposition to Access Bars and other meal replacements like Muscle Milk.

The company states by consuming a 310 shake, in tandem with balanced and healthy diet; you will lose weight and enhance your overall overall health Is the 310 Shake the answer to your fat loss plateau ?

If you should be in the marketplace for a new meal replacement shake and also you want to get a brand name which offers great flavors, superb nourishment and the sort of dietary support that you will require in purchase to drop some weight in a rapid and sustainable manner (without experiencing tired or deprived!), you’ll love what 310 meal replacement shakes and Arbonne shakes need to offer.

Today, they provide a number of health products through their internet site, including nutrition shakes, dinner replacements, weight loss supplements, detox teas, lemonade mixes, gym equipment, and more.

This includes the scientifically proven fact that people fuller for a longer period after combining certain proteins, which is just what 310 Shakes do.

Unfortunately, the taste may not be as desirable.

As with all other meal replacement programs, you will likely be getting the shakes and other products in various flavors that will help you not feel hungry to want to snack or binge, for the higher part of the day.

But most people search for a meal replacement shake that tastes great! Simply, because it helps them stick to their meal plan, a lot!

310 does provide a variety of recipes, a few ideas on the web site and social networking, to help users switch up their meal replacement shakes. In addition they recommend an exercise routine to assist with fat reduction, and offer a 310 Gym on their site with fitness gear and weight loss videos.

310 vs Shakeology and Advocare

If you compare the ingredients of 310 Shake side by side with Shakeology, though, you will find Shakeology contains significantly more than 70 vitamins, minerals and superfoods designed to simply help you lose weight, improve your general health, and feel good.

However, 310 Shake is cheaper, contains less calories, no sugar and a good amount of proteins, whereby Advocare Meal Replacement Shake satisfies your hunger for longer, contains more proteins and offers more nutrients.

Making the decision can be difficult, specially when comparing to meal replacement shake items like 310 Shake and Shakeology that both rely on all natural ingredients and no added sugars or artificial flavors.

Shakeology will keep you full and curb your cravings, helping you slim down, flush toxins, and get healthy.

However, user reviews also reveal that the Tri-plex protein in 310 Nutrition Shakes can help to help keep you full a little longer than the ingredients in Shakeology.

Ingredients in 310 shake

Pantothenic Acid – helps your body convert food into energy;
Vitamin A – needed for good eyesight and healthy skin;
Vitamin B – used to facilitate nerve cell and muscle function;
Vitamin B6 – synthetization of proteins within the human body;
Vitamin B12 – used by the body for red blood cell production;

310 uses a blend of three main vegan proteins in their Tri-Plex, each with a certain task.

Pea Protein Powder

Helps You Stay Full – This protein activates the release of hormones in your body, helping you stay full and satisfied between meals. In addition, many people claim it helps reduce their cravings for sugar.

Great for Muscle Building – This is because it’s packed with BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, which help keep your body in a state where it’s building muscle throughout the day. BCAAs may also help you decrease belly fat and keep you full longer between meals.

Brown Rice Protein

May Help Increase Weight Loss – Known to be low in fat and calories, studies have linked rice protein to fat loss and lowered cholesterol. Research has shown it can help with recovery of muscles after physical activity.

Studies show how brown rice protein contains unique peptides that can minimize weight gain more than those in soy or white rice protein.

Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes – Brown rice protein has been shown in studies to help reduce glycemic response and regulate glucose levels. This helps to keep your blood sugar level balanced and reduce “spikes” throughout the day.

H-mp Protein

High in Fiber – Which helps you to feel full, h-mp protein keeps you satisfied and helps you reduce cravings.

Helps Raise Your Metabolism – Since h-mp is mostly protein, which takes more energy to burn than carbohydrates, h-mp can help raise your metabolism to speed up weight loss.

How to use 310 shake

The shake is made with different vitamins, natural sweeteners, proteins and fiber to produce it more effective to the body in terms of fat reduction.

Or, in the event that you prefer, you can mix 310 Shake in to a blender and add more healthy components including fruits, veggies, nut butters, yogurt and more; just you will need to keep carefully the calorie count down as much as possible for weight loss purposes by adding ingredients that are high in nutritional elements but low in calories.

Anyways, the point we would like to make is that while a few of these “meal replacement shakes” do or do not need certain additional things, but almost all the companies provide extra supplemental products to utilize along with the shakes to round out the nutritional and digestive needs.

So, in a sense, the question is NOT which shake is the best (Shakeology or IdealShake or 310 or Advocare etc.)?

The question is which is the best tasting shake that, when combined with extra supplemental products, will help you lose weight in the most effective manner.

And, here the IdealRaw comes out on top.


Proprietary Tri-Plex Blend of 3 vegan proteins – The Tri-Plex proteins used are all powerhouse nutrients with unique benefits to assist you control cravings, enhance fullness, boost energy and enhance muscle-building and fitness performance. However, IdealRaw contains proteins from more vegan sources.

Optimal Fiber Blend – The 310 whey-based shake contains 5g of a special fiber blend that supports your digestive processes and helps you stay pleased between meals.

Just like with the plant-based shakes, these shakes provide a unique, optimized mixture of proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals, superfoods and even probiotics to guide your healthy lifestyle.

However, it lags behind in taste. And there are better products out there in the market.

User reviews

  • I have to go into a little bit of a rant here because I just don’t think that the positioning of the 310 shakes as ‘meal replacement’ is totally fair given how FEW calories are in here.
    I bought Shakeology for $130, which is around $4.39 per scoop, whereas, 310 Nutrition Shake is available for $75 for a 28-day serving ($2.71).
  • I gave 310 Shake a try because it cost much less and I’ve also heard good things about Triplex proteins. I used to do the Herbalife shakes, they did work, however I hated to see the amount of sugar in their, I eventually switched to a low carb/ mod calorie/ high fat diet.
  • I am not a 310 shake or even 18 Shake fan in part because it’s maker 18 Nutrition strongly suggests you use the meal replacement shake with its brand Sletrokor, a terrible stimulant appetite suppressant.
  • I was doing that before I started 310 but I wasn’t losing any weight – it was adding in the meal replacement shakes that changed everything.
  • I actually managed to get my hands on two bags of the 310 shake through an error (I ordered one bag of the 310 Shake in Chocolate, and they sent me an extra bag of 310 Shakes in Strawberry!). I can tell just by looking at the shakes side by side that 310 is lighter in color that the taste is not as rich as that of Shakeology. I was surprised when I placed an order for 310 Shakes as I only paid $75 and it was already good for 28 days with shipping included.
  • I will admit that they do keep me feeling full from meal to meal, but the bloating is a horrible side effect of these shakes.
  • I have been on this shake for about 2 months and I’m satisfied with it there were some or should I say a problem with one shipment they sent me a ripped bag and the powder was all over the box the reps were very nice and gave me 35% off all future orders so I pay $41 a bag and it last me 16 days I finally got a replacement bag after a week for the ripped bag they sent so I have to say it fills me up and I will continue to use this product. I loved the flavor and texture immediately and started using one shake a day for the first month until I got the hang of it. That quickly turned into two shakes a day, and I even found a shake recipe that I love and make every day and literally never get sick of!
  • I have never tried the 310 Shake, but saw lots of people endorsing it on Instagram lately so I thought I’d look it up. I’m vegan, so I will never be able to try this shake, but I don’t think I would want to. I do however purchase many products monthly and can tell you that there are tons of companies that will not refund anything until the shipment is confirmed, it’s very standard due to the fact that they don’t wish to be out of product and money, it helps them to hold the purchaser responsible for the return of their product.
  • I tell everyone I know that if they want to lose weight, they have to try 310!
  • I plan to stick with using 310 shakes for the duration, even after I reach my goal, because of how amazing I feel.