21 day fix diet and meal plan review

Overall score : 2.4

The 21 day fix is another fascinating diet plan/weight loss system from the various plans offered by BeachBody. Most people like the fact that the 21 Day Fix takes the guesswork out of serving sizes, with its cute colored portion-controlling containers, because most people grossly underestimate the portion size of particular foods, like grains, oils and nut butters, yet overestimate how many vegetables they are actually getting. OVerall, it's a decent system, but NOTHING ground breaking, because portion control is only one part of the puzzle. There are many user reviews complaining that they felt hungry, couldn't stick to it and/or this strategy of portion counting didn't bring miraculous results. We recommend IdealShape diet plan and Metabolic cooking over the 21 days fix.

User reviews

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 12 months, it’s most likely that you’ve heard about the 21 day fix program. This “portion-controlling” diet program combines healthy nutrition, portion control and clean eating to help you lose or maintain weight.

The “extreme” version also makes use of both athletic cardio and strength-training based workouts with a complete and thorough nutrition plan that uses portion control containers to assist you lose some weight without having to count calories.

The 21-Day Fix diet plan package includes the seven colored containers (explained below), the 25-ounce Shakeology® shaker cup which delivers exactly the proper portions every time, therefore you never eat too much or (too little),” two workout DVDs, and two booklets; the quick-start guide with a calendar and the eating plan including 21-Day Fix meals.

Obviously results are going to vary person to person, but if you keep the calorie count accurate—which the containers assist to ensure—and if you do a lively work out at least 30 minutes a day on most days of the week, you will lose fat.

Some other great items to have if you’re getting started because of the 21 Day Fix plan consist of the program itself , some additional containers , a bullet journal for monitoring your containers each day, plus some workout gear.

When it comes to fascinating fitness products, some people like to treat themselves to brand new gear as they the hit weight loss milestones!

Knowing that the 21 Day Fix was centered on portion control, clean eating and 30 minute workouts, we thought, many people would just give it a try!

A whole lot of individuals, maybe even YOU, are utilizing the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan (aka, The Portion Fix.) This plan is perhaps not limited to simply the 21 Day Fix program, it seems that most of Beachbody’s meal plans are centered around this way of eating.

Things to help keep in mind

  • With 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, you’ll use the Portion Fix color-coded portion control containers: green for vegetables, purple for fruit, red for slim proteins, yellowish for carbohydrates, blue for healthier fats, orange for seeds and healthy dressings, and teaspoons for oil and nut butter.
  • Planning your 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME meals may seem a bit daunting at first, especially in the event that you’re new to healthy ingredients or portion control, but by having a little practice, you’ll see exactly how easy it is usually to get your clean eating on the right track.
  • So perhaps not only do you obtain cute little containers for easy dinner prep with eating plans and yummy dishes, but you get ALL these workouts too along with a “resistance band”!
  • You can also stream your 21 Day Fix workouts from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Roku or Amazon Fire stick, plus access hundreds of other Beachbody programs like the sequel to 21 Day Fix – 21 Day Fix EXTREME, plus Country Heat, CORE DE FORCE, PiYo, and many more.
  • Most Beachbody plans come with some kind of eating plan however the 21 Day Fix includes an 84 web page eating plan/guide and is more heavily dedicated to following the nutrition plan to be able to see results.
  • Most people like the fact that the 21 Day Fix takes the guesswork out of serving sizes, because most people grossly underestimate the portion size of particular foods, like grains, oils and nut butters, yet overestimate how many vegetables they are actually getting.
  • This is never a starvation nourishment plan…it focuses on eating the right foods in correct portions 5 or 6 times every day.
  • Think by what forms of food you want to have at each meal and include some of the favorite healthy treats do not hesitate to start simple, with basic ingredients that do not require much cooking, like yogurt bowls , sandwiches , and easy salads after you have the hang of it, you can introduce recipes and begin planning meals for multiple days, or even a whole week.
  • Since you’re coping with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, it’s important that you plan your meals to use up your produce especially the fruits and veggies before they go bad.

User reviews

The simplicity and unique approach to control eating pattern by making use of color coded containers, attract a lot of super busy people who want to get in shape and lose weight.

21 day fix, also seems to be hit with those dieters who are already following a diet like paleo. They make use of 21 day fix, by combining with their already existing diet strategy.

For example, this post by Becka Robinson, tells you how to go paleo with 21 day fix.

There seem to be a good number of positive reviews, for BeachBody’s 21 day fix on Amazon.com

Most of these positive reviews come either from experienced dieters who are already following through on a diet plan, or busy people who like the concept of portion control, and some first time dieters who seem to be excited about trying a unique diet plan, and good looking food containers.

Results for first time dieters, on 21 day fix, are still quite unpredictable and not reported in the same proportion as the positive reviews.


  • My husband and I have been doing the 21 Day Fix for a few days now and its going well but because of his hectic schedule, sometimes he cant sit down and eat the whole foods we have packed or planned on. We are using the shakeology in the morning as a breakfast, mixed with our coffee and a banana and Peanut butter (its so yummy and helps us use up some containers while still giving us the coffee/caffeine fix and the sweetness from the shakeology offsets the bitterness of the coffee).
  • With the 21 Day Fix meal plan, I no longer had to guess what type of healthier options to include in my meals or try to guess at correct portions sizes by eye-balling it. Everything was laid out for me in an easy-to-follow type of way, taking out all the questions of dieting like is 1,200 calories a day the same for everyone?” or Should I write down my daily calorie intake?” or Should I weigh my food?”.
  • I been doing 21 day fix today is four weeks and I am loving it a lot.I didn’t lose much weight but I can see my body getting toned up…I got my plan from a friend that couldn’t do it anymore it wasn’t for her..I was sick for the last two year just got back on my feet stopped smoking cigs and I put a few pounds on and wasn’t liking it so had to lose the weight and this program is right for me fun and keeps me going.
  • I didn’t see the crazy results that I’ve seen in some of the the 21 Day Fix before/afters online but I think that’s because the plan is similar to how I already workout/eat and I don’t have much weight to lose.
  • I don’t eat a lot but when I do eat it is bad food. Thanks for this I’m very bad with nutrition and was looking for how the macros ended for 21 day fix.