Optavia Diet Plan Take Shape for life review: Is it any good?

Overall score : 2.2

Optavia is a meal replacement diet plan with lots of variety and good health mentors. The program includes some good recipes. But not all users find the meals pleasant and it depends on the taste of the users. Also, there are certain side effects possible. Users also report poor customer service and find this program generally more expansive than other meal replacement plans on the market. We recommend IdealPlan over this.

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We’ve been getting comments from the readers, regarding what diet pill is the best. In my opinion, the best weight loss products are those which target the hormones and neurotransmitters that govern your body fat.

The functions of these hormones and neurotransmitters is to mobilize the brain and body for action and activities and create a systematic balance of fat and muscle in the body needed for survival. They also provide the appropriate signals to brain and the body’s cells whether you should feel hungry/tired or full/satisfied/energetic.

And that’s why we would recommend PhenQ and Genf20 Plus for weight loss as they target these hormones and neurotransmitters comprehensively..

Review by a former user of Take Shape for life

Take Shape for Life can provide you with a safe, successful, and non-intrusive alternative for weight reduction and long term well-being.

Before my holiday I rapidly lost 13 pounds on this weight maintenance plan and with the help of my Health Trainer, Dawna Stafford.

Take Shape For Life Review

A diet product’s value depends on whether it really helps people shed weight.

Take Shape for Life is a weight-management program consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The best part is the variety it offers.

There is a plan for everyone and people may find reasonable but variable success with it.

It also comes with a MLM opportunity.

As a growing number of individuals make the choice to live a healthier, more energetic life, Take Shape For Life will be present, providing an opportunity for individuals to do well for themselves while doing something purposeful for others.

The plan offers their products through a large network of Health Coaches, who not only help folks to lose those unwanted pounds, but gives individuals the chance to enhance three crucial elements of anybody’s lifestyle.

Known as a reasonably effective weight loss plan, Holistic Remedies like these can assist you to take the weight off, and keep it away. Great food not only helps your own body seem younger, but in addition, it enables you to feel fantastic.

The Program’s health trainers, will act as mentors and provide guidance and support throughout your fat loss journey.

With Take Shape For Life and my FREE (and astonishing) Accredited Wellness Coach Jeremy Pratt, I started my own Journey to Optimum Wellness and was glad to see some effects instantly.

When you join this diet plan you select from a variety of 60 Medifast meals.

All things considered, even if it was your well-being trainer who put your first order for you, which will be common, as a consumer spending a substantial number for goods & services, it’s ultimately your responsibility to completely study the firm (and any independent business owners it compensates) and look into its products and policies in case you are not completely met.

The good points of Take Shape For Life

As a Wellness Trainer, you will learn the keys of Optimal Health and find a brand new profession in getting healthy.

A discount program is offered to all individuals with LifeMap strategies at no added price (although some marked down programs made available from sellers may carry different fees).

Determined by the length of time it’s been since you last did routine exercise it is suggested that you simply start off slow and gradually build up your work out to more difficult levels. Get out there and share Take Shape For Life using the tricks and best practices provided in this workshop.

The fitness community of this plan is awesome and very vibrant.

EQ trainers, support customers to understand the relationship between their ideas, feelings and activities, identify possibilities for new behaviours, and take new activities to create distinct effects and make better alternatives.

Because the customers get started on a more extreme diet shift, exercising should be kept at low intensity levels while on or using these products.

The one pitfall that accounts for 99% of individuals who don’t see success with the plan is having less consistency.

To become a TSFL trainer you’ve got to be on the plan and attend like 4 financial heath groups. Afterward participants buy food supplements and meal replacements like milkshakes and cereals from your business at a discount.

In the current environment where trust and private recommendations have become a more significant element in consumer buying choices, this diet model of one on one communication continues to shine.

To celebrate the momentum heading into the New Year, Take Shape For Life’s Well-Being Coaches hosted more than 360 regional occasions in 43 states across the U.S. on January 9th.

The bad points of Take Shape For Life

Some people may have to deal with side effects.

Some side effects may be gut distress, nausea, unusual bowel movement and dehydration.

For example, one user says – “I’m so “happy” about the fact that I’m experiencing some things which no one appears to be having. Second day I began to loose hair and I had headache, from 3rd day endured with severe cramps and rashes. I read the opinions and no one had these type of issues. I wonder why me? ”

The meal recipes aren’t great and it seems they are not well thought of.

However, Take shape for life is the training arm of the Medifast business, so it’s Medifast that your meals and their flavor problems should be directed towards and not the trainers who are your support system.

You could also simply purchase Medifast meals off Amazon if you needed to give the food a try without commiting into a whole month at the same time. I managed to return food for a refund together with exchange things from cartons with a couple of meals gone for the full carton of distinct meals.

Final verdict on Take Shape For Life

The good and bad points have been mentioned above to help you make the decision.

Take shape for Life does work because it keeps my blood sugar steady and I don’t get cravings. Your life will rapidly turn for the better and you’ll start to reap the advantages of the new you.

Through the Medifast meals, dieters receive part-managed nutritious meals, as well as free one on one support from a well-being trainer. Those of you who are thinking about learning how well they measure up can require the BeSlim evaluation in order to find out their score. When you go over them, make an effort to think about them and what they mean to you personally.

Because you eat often, you are never hungry, and your metabolism always remains hyped up, in accordance with the official website Many of the Medifast meals are portable, in order to readily take them to work or school with you.

So, if meal replacement, and getting motivation through peer support is your thing, I’d recommend opting for this diet.

Although, in my opinion there are better and less expansive ways to lose weight and keep it off for goood.

I enjoy the thought of having food products with me when I’m working and driving throughout the day.

It’s a cool refreshing way to help people get fit and feel good about themselves! However, the final results can be a mixed bag.



  1. My wife and I have been on Optavia for a year and be both lost weight. She got to her goal weight, but I did not because I didn’t follow the plan 100% of the time. I also know several other people that have done well on the plan and kept the weight off. However, I biggest problem is the customer service is awful. We continually would get things that we didn’t order and not the things that we did order. They would always give us the options to send it back however, it was a big hassle and then get them to verify that they received took weeks. If we wanted to push our order back because we still had plenty of meals. They would still charge our credit card. You call customer service and it was always the same story. It is already being processed in the warehouse and we will try to stop it. This would NEVER HAPPENED. Order was shipped and credit card charged and now 3 weeks to get the money back in our checking account. This happened on several occasions. Can you lose weight on it, yes? The hassle of dealing with customer service and always having problems with the order and our bank account being charged I decided to cancel my account. Couldn’t afford having $400.00 always out of my budget when they would mess up.