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‘Pruvit Keto OS’ is a ketogenic supplement hat helps you achieve fast and effortless Ketosis. This drink comes packed with exogenous ketones and necessary minerals. It claims to help you sustain the cheat days, thus making your keto regimen easier! Not only this, it may help to increase your energy levels, mental focus, reduce inflammation and more. The product promises to deliver all the benefits that are linked to the consumption of exogenous ketones! An in-depth study about the product reveals that the manufacturers provide a proprietary blend of ingredients and do not specify the individual amount of ketone salts that you may ingest with each serving. The product contains many calories too, which is not a good sign. Customer reviews fall in the grey zone. Most people complaint about the terrible taste and its high price. When compared with other keto supplements in the market, it becomes evident that this product lacks in many aspects and does not justify the price it demands! We recommend Perfect Keto over this.

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  1. Introduction:


‘Pruvit’ is the company that has manufactured an instant energy drink, which provides your body with a flush of ketones. It has been developed to support your weight loss journey!

Keto OS means ‘Ketone operating system’ is a therapeutic grade ketone supplement in the market. It is lab tested and backed by science!

The name very well tells that it is something related to ketosis!

Ketosis is a natural process by which the body helps us to survive when food intake is low. During this state, we produce ketones, which are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver.

So, when ever we are on a low carb diet, our body switches to fat metabolism which in turn produce ketones in our body. A ‘Ketogenic diet’ takes advantage of this phenomenon, and the dieter is instructed to eat high amounts of fat and protein, eliminating virtually all proteins.

Ketone bodies are used as fuel for the body when glucose levels are low!

It is important to know that ketones are water soluble, can effectively cross the blood brain barrier and can be transported across cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes. They are a good source of energy for brain, heart and muscles.

Ketosis is a naturally safe state where the body utilises fat reserves and produce ketones that provide accelerated energy, improve mental focus, aid in weight loss, and help in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Supplements providing you with ‘exogenous ketones’ can have multiple benefits.

  • The first and foremost being that they reduce the stress of a strict ketogenic diet.
  • They can be used by athletes as an energy booster.
  • They also help people who are undergoing endurance trainings for weight loss.

It is a safe way for delivering ketones into your blood such that they take you into a ‘natural state of ketosis’ where these ketones can be used as an alternative energy source as opposed to glucose!

Coming back to PRUVIT KETO OS supplement. How does it claim to benefit you?

Most supplements rely on BHB (Beta Hydroxy Butyric acid) as the source of their exogenous ketone bodies since it functions like a ketone and can be readily converted into energy. 

As the product is designed to raise your BHB levels in your bloodstream, your body will switch to a constant fat burning mode. 

Amazing attribute linked to BHB:

Apart from its main function of taking your body into nutritional ketosis.

Researchers have found out that a ketogenic diet’s anti-inflammatory effects could be due to BHB.

Among its benefits, BHB reduces chronic inflammation and restores healthy inflammation levels.(NCBI)

Other benefits that Pruvit Keto os may provide are:

  • Increased Awareness, Increased Focus, Appetite Suppression,
  • Assists in Abdominal Fat Loss, Strength Gain, Better Mood,
  • Decrease in Inflammation, Better Sleep, Reduces Brain Fog,
  • Better Digestion & Gut Health, and Clear Skin.

Apart from BHB, what more does this supplement contain?

  • MCT Powder (slows down the digestion rate)
  • Natural Flavors
  • Malic Acid
  • Stevia
  • Caffeine (optional)


What we find while scanning the nutritional profile of this supplement is that, it does contain some additional minerals and vitamins. Caffeine and non caffeine variants are available.

*The most important part that has been left uncovered is the exact dosage of BHB and MCT per serving. They do not provide any information on that!

While another point that is worth paying attention to, is the presence of carbohydrates in the drink.

It also contains high amounts of sodium, which makes it not fit for a person on a low sodium diet.

There are no known side effects of this product when it is administered correctly.

It can be used as  a pre workout supplement, such that it flushes your body with the right energy.

It is not to be necessarily taken on a ketogenic diet. To avail its maximum benefits you can use in conjunction with a low carb diet.


Not belittling all the benefits that it claims to provide, the weaknesses of the product are:

  • No clinical research is provided for the benefit of this product’s formulation
  • They have not specified exact amount of BHB that the drink delivers per serving
  • The company uses a Multilevel marketing structure, which focuses more on maximising profits for their distributers rather than making quality products. So, we are little skeptical about the product being high on quality!
  • Customers reported that it tasted awful.
  • The product’s price is quite high.

The company provides ‘on the go’ OTG packs, and it comes packed in tubs also.

It is pricey as reported by many users.OTG packs cost 15 Servings – $85, 30 Servings – $160

You can also buy a combination of Keto OS that has both OTG and Kan servings

60 Servings (30 Kan and 30 OTG) – $300

We conclude that the product is a great appetite suppressor, as reported by users.

It has helped many, who struggle for weight loss, and enhances energy levels when you’re on a low carb diet. It has been reported to work best for those who use it in conjunction with a carbohydrate restricted diet.

Their are mixed reviews about the product. Some people are overwhelmed with the results while some have found it to be a complete waste.

If you want to go with this product, it will be expensive but not a completely futile bargain.

Keeping every facet in mind we recommend you not to make a hasty decision. Identify your needs, and keenly search the market, for there are better priced and high quality keto supplements which are readily available.


  1. Editor’s Note: Why we recommend ‘Perfect Keto’ over Pruvit Keto OS?


Perfect Keto’ is also a ketone supplement which comes packed with ketone salts and additional minerals, to provide you a fortified supplement that helps you cope energy rundown, cravings and other symptoms that come uninvited with strict low carb dieting!

Isn’t that what every exogenous ketone supplement promises?

If you’re not able to differentiate, we will help you to see marked differences in this and other products that are there in the market.

Moreover we will also find out that is the product true to its claims?

Why do you need Perfect Keto supplement at all?

It lends a helping hand to ease your journey into nutritional ketosis! It is a collection of dietary supplements developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin to enhance the effectiveness of a ketogenic approach.

Sustaining oneself on a low carb diet is not easy. You have to handle a plenty of side effects like headaches, muscular cramps, lethargy, excessive thirst, discomfort in abdomen and more.

It is a known fact that dieting isn’t easy, and the most dedicated of devotees fail to reach their goals or fall out after sustaining on the programme for long.

When you adapt your body with utmost dedication to survive on a very few carbs, it becomes adapted to metabolize fat.

Perfect Keto claims to support the transition to a fat-burning state and help keep your electrolytes balanced once youre there.

Not only this, the supplement can also be used as a pre work out drink, to enhance mental focus and to help you cope and get back into ketosis if you’ve had a high carb meal.

Perfect Keto Base (Exogenous Ketones BHB Salts) comes in two flavours

  • Chocolate Sea Salt – beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), natural chocolate flavor, citric acid, stevia leaf
  • Peaches and Cream – beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), natural peach flavor, citric acid, stevia leaf


What sets it apart?

While all ‘keto supplements’ in the market claim to deliver almost the same results ‘Perfect Keto’ is one which is high on efficiency! You don’t need to be skeptical about its ingenuity at all.

They particularly specify the blend of ingredients that they have used and provide detailed and concrete information about what you will ingest with each serving.

The ingredient profile:

  • high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts are used in Perfect Keto. Each serving comes with 11.3 grams of high-quality BHB.
  • Other ingredients: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Cocoa, Stevia leaf, Vitamin C, and added flavour.

Unlike Pruvit keto OS,  ‘Perfect Keto’ contains ZERO CARBS and the least possible calories .

It contains the least amount of calories among the league of supplements that it is competing with. Only 15 calories per serving which is a good sign for an apt supplement for weight loss.

While Pruvit keto delivers into your system a massive amount of 110 calories per serving.


What more?

As low-carb expert and scientific researcher Dr. Volek (Phd) suggests, mineral and electrolyte management is the key to avoiding side effects typically associated with low carb dieting.

This supplement helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance, you need while on a keto diet. It contains added minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. The minerals have been added keeping in mind the most common deficiencies that occur while on a keto diet.

Purchasing ‘Perfect Keto’:

Perfect Keto’s buying process is simple! Like normal retail, you simply make your purchase. It has been made easily accessible.

No MLM(Multi Layer marketing structure) or membership requirement.

Not only easy but economical to buy too! Perfect Keto is the most competitively priced keto supplement available. It comes with an affordable price but with goodness and effectiveness that is not lessened in any aspect.

Keto Base Chocolate Sea Salt: $59 for 15 servings. Monthly subscriptions are at a 15% discount.

Each tub contains 211 grams of product, good enough for 15 full-scoop servings, or 30 half-scoop servings.

Other products are way too highly priced like Pruvit keto demand a price of 85$ for 15 servings!

To summarise its ADVANTAGES we can say that

  • The product has no fillers or additives. Only required amount of pure ketone BHB and minerals are added.
  • Developed by a professional clinician
  • Much more economical to buy than other supplements
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
    Made in the USA
    Comes in 2 yummy flavours (to combat the terrible taste that most keto supplements have)

The official website of the product is dedicated to providing detailed and correct knowledge about  the supplement and its best use! They never let you wander in the dark, and are confident to boast about the efficacy of their product.

Apart from all the facts and science, we do believe that customer’s voice that gives a true picture of any product.

We found that, positive reviews about ‘Perfect Keto’ are tremendously outweighed by negative reviews. There are many satisfied and happy users of the product.

The negative reviews remain limited to people finding the supplement finishing earlier than the stipulated time. It may depend on usage from person to person.

We, conclude saying that we recommend ‘Perfect Keto’ over Pruvit Keto OS, as a more efficient, genuine, yet affordable Keto supplement.


  1. Positive Customer reviews on Pruvit Keto-OS


  • Awesome product!!! Lost 35 lbs in 3 months…. Combination of no carbs for 90 days, exercise (1 hour swimming – 3 days a week for 90 days), and no alcohol (for 30 days). Bottom line is that KETO really helps for weight loss but it really is a change in lifestyle… I went from a 38 waist to 33 and have kept the weight off for 7 months.. Best part is that I am 54 and now I am at my college weight! (Amazon Customer)


  • I’ve lost over 20lb’s in just over 2 months. The 2.1, did lose some flavor compared to the previous version. It seems as is the powder is lighter now, like it has been ground down to a more fine powder. I get no pain in the stomach with the 2.1 like I did the previous. The taste isn’t the best, but it is still the orange creamsicle. It’s just not as an intense flavor, so I mix it with less than the recommended 12oz so I can get it down fast. & then I drink nice cold water after to get the rest of the required water. You also need to drink plenty of water throughout your day. I CAN SWEAR TO THIS: The benefits & progress I have seen in myself, far out-weigh the taste. (It not really that dang bad! Grow up & drink it babies) (Alfred)


  • Lots of energy. I got off coffee too. (Diane)


  • I am awake and clear. Not jittery. (Richard)


  • Product is as expected. (Annie)


  • Love this product…can’t wait to order again!! (Lesa C)


  • Works great. (Dustin)


  • Great product! Into ketosis within an hour. Taste is ok, not great but tolerable. (Scott S)


  • Awesome product, Wish that it isn’t so expensive so that I can buy it more often. (Mariah)


  1. Negative Customer reviews on Pruvit Keto-OS:


  • Not a huge fan of the flavor had to add extra water to make it better but still not great. (Stacy)
  • If you get a spray tan do you have an actual tan or a mirage of a tan? Same with drinking ketones and peeing them out. Is your body in actual ketosis or is it a mirage of ketosis? The only way to lose weight from ketosis is to cut below 20 carbs a day, get out of the recliner and exercise. THAT’S true ketosis, that’s when your body is burning stored fat for energy and that’s when a purple keto stick reflects weight loss. (Mike)


  • There is a reason 25% of reviews are one star. I see absolutely no difference after 15 days. And I’m on a low carb diet with lots of cardio. (Amazon customer)


  • I am 63 yr old female and my grandaughter is 21 we decided to try this and split the cost she has been on it for 3 days and me 2 days we had not compared are results until Friday when we work together she asked me how I liked it and I said both days I got bad headache and wanted to throw up but I had lost 2lbs she said she felt the same way but had lost 3lbs , I drank mine slowly over a 30 minute period then had my breakfast, just want to go back to bed and it tastes terrible so unless you can stand the bad taste and feeling sick all day do not buy!!! (Penny Ramsay)


  • I wanted to love this product and was so excited to receive. Unfortunately, it caused me to have jitters (started with 1/2 packet like instructions say) and also messed with my stomach. (Anthony)


  • Ordered it a couple of times but didn’t find it was effective for my Keto diet. (Monika)


  • This is pretty bad tasting. (Annie Deaver)


  • In over a month, I never lost a pound. I do like the taste of this one. I am trying to return almost a month’s worth I bought from pruvit website, no reply so far. May be stuck with them. (Claudia)
  • Flavor is not good at all. I would not order this one again! (Amazon customer)





  1. Aside from Perfect Keto and Pruvit Keto OS, do you recommend any other kinds of mct and bhb capsules. I see a whole bunch of them on amazon, but it’s a little hard to trust some of the reviews on them.