KetoCana exogenous ketones supplement review

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KetoCaNa is a dietary supplement, for those struggling with Keto or LCHF (low carb and high fat diets! The name tells it all! It aims at providing you exogenous ketones, which instill a fresh gush of energy into your body. It contains sodium and calcium as added minerals. It claims to ease your journey into nutritional ketosis, as well work as a good pre work out supplement. The product is infused with ONLY natural ingredients, yet it lacks in being a balanced keto supplement! It misses out on magnesium which is essential for surviving on a keto diet. It also contains a high amount of calories. The taste isn’t such that it make you lure for it. Mixed user reviews do not clarify about its efficiency. We recommend you to prefer more fortified and effective, yet affordable keto supplements like Perfect Keto over this one!

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  1. Introduction:

‘KetoCaNa’ is yet another dietary supplement that aids in natural ketosis. Developed to support your system, while going through the rugged terrain of a ketogenic diet, it contains all natural ingredients!

The ‘Keto diet’ which involves high fat, moderate protein and extremely low carbohydrates has been embraced by many as a successful tool for weight loss. It mimics starvation mechanism of the body, such that our body starts producing ’Ketones’ when carbohydrate intake is excessively low.

The difficulty in following such a diet is plan is because we have trained our bodies to depend on carbs as the primary and chief energy source. When we switch to a high fat diet, the transition isn’t easy!

Ketone supplements have been developed to help your body cope with stress and weird symptoms that crop up due to a completely new diet plan!

Ketones are a result of fat breakdown, that occurs in the liver. Most supplements rely on BHB (Beta-hydroxy Butyric acid) as the source of exogenous ketone bodies since it functions like a ketone and can be readily converted into energy.

Important takeaways:


  • This dietary supplement KetoCaNa provides an ample amount of BHB per serving. This is a good sign, that they are clear with the amount of BHB you will ingest.They provide 11.7 g of BHB per serving, and this a good enough amount.
  • The name ‘KetoCaNa’ itself reveals that it contains minerals like sodium(Na) and calcium(Ca), to help maintain the electrolytic balance!
  • Not only to survive on a low carb diet the manufacturers claim it to be a pre workout supplement too! It is suggested to take this supplement at least 15 minutes before starting a work out, to provide you with renewed energy that comes from healthy ketones and not carbs at all!
  • Another thing that has been kept in mind while developing the product is that there is no use whatsoever of any artificial colours, preservatives etc. Its a completely natural and safe drink, which is lactose and gluten free too.
  • ‘Stevia’ is used as a natural sweetener. No artificial sweetening agent has been used.


This supplement provides all benefits that can be attributed to the use of exogenous ketones! From encouraging weight loss, to improved performance especially in endurance training to better cognition, this supplement is apt for men and women alike.

An important question that needs to be addressed is that…

Does this help to combat all the side effects that arise while following a strict keto diet?

Minor side effects that occur while following a keto diet can easily be avoided and managed with the right kind of dietary advice and supplements. Most commonly known symptoms are headache, lethargy, irritability, excessive thirst, leg cramps, constipation and heart palpitations.

One of the most commonly experienced symptom is muscle cramps! This occurs due to electrolytic imbalance. Deficiency of magnesium is the main reason behind it. This is why most keto supplements in the market have not left out Mg, while putting in other minerals in the formulation.

A keto diet is always linked with magnesium and other mineral deficiencies.

No magnesium in its formulation, makes KetoCaNa not fit for providing the right electrolytic balance!

Yet another important factor that needs attention is the CALORIES that this drink will deliver to you. What we find is that it provides around 55 calories per serving which isn’t a low enough amount for a strict low carb dieter.

There are other keto supplements, which offer much lesser amount of calories!

The product comes in two flavours, that are orange and lemonade. Users in general have reported a distaste for the product!

KetoCaNa is averagely priced, neither too high nor too low. We have not found much users complaining about the price, but there a reports of experiencing certain adverse side effects!

Nausea, diarrhoea being a common symptom.

Wrapping it up, we can say, that KetoCaNa is high on BHB delivery per serving, but lacks on an essential mineral that is ‘Magnesium’. Evading all side effects of a strict keto diet would be a difficult task for this supplement.

Lots of leafy greens, nuts and fish, could be your only rescue! And if in any case you lack in including enough amounts of these in your diet, this supplement will be of no help to you!

Moreover, mixed reviews about this supplement lead us into saying that it is not a perfect choice for your Keto regimen!


  1. So Why we recommend ‘Perfect Keto’ over KetoCaNa?


Perfect Keto’ is also a ketone supplement which comes packed with ketone salts and additional minerals, to provide you a fortified supplement that helps you cope energy rundown, cravings and other symptoms that come uninvited with strict low carb dieting!

Isn’t that what every exogenous ketone supplement promises?

If you’re not able to differentiate, we will help you to see marked differences in this and other products that are there in the market.

Moreover we will also find out that is the product true to its claims?

Why do you need Perfect Keto supplement at all?

It lends a helping hand to ease your journey into nutritional ketosis! It is a collection of dietary supplements developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin to enhance the effectiveness of a ketogenic approach.

Sustaining oneself on a low carb diet is not easy. You have to handle a plenty of side effects like headaches, muscular cramps, lethargy, excessive thirst, discomfort in abdomen and more.

It is a known fact that dieting isn’t easy, and the most dedicated of devotees fail to reach their goals or fall out after sustaining on the programme for long.

When you adapt your body with utmost dedication to survive on a very few carbs, it becomes adapted to metabolize fat.

Perfect Keto claims to support the transition to a fat-burning state and help keep your electrolytes balanced once you’re there.

Not only this, the supplement can also be used as a pre work out drink, to enhance mental focus and to help you cope and get back into ketosis if you’ve had a high carb meal.


Perfect Keto Base (Exogenous Ketones BHB Salts) comes in two flavours

  • Chocolate Sea Salt – beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), natural chocolate flavor, citric acid, stevia leaf
  • Peaches and Cream – beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), natural peach flavor, citric acid, stevia leaf


What sets it apart?

 While all ‘keto supplements’ in the market claim to deliver almost the same results Perfect Keto’ is one which is high on efficiency! 

They particularly specify the blend of ingredients that they have used and provide detailed and concrete information about what you will ingest with each serving.

The ingredient profile:

  • high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts are used in Perfect Keto. Each serving comes with 11.3 grams of high-quality BHB.
  • Other ingredients: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Cocoa, Stevia leaf, Vitamin C, and added flavour.

Unlike ‘KetoCaNa’, ‘Perfect Keto’’ contains ZERO CARBS and the least possible calories .

It contains the least amount of calories among the league of supplements that it is competing with. Only 15 calories per serving which is a good sign for an apt supplement for weight loss.

While KetoCaNa delivers into your system 55 calories per serving.

Another important aspect that is crucial and cannot be overlooked is the TASTE that this supplement brings along. Users have reported it to be very Palatable such that it is easy to ingest it.

Side effects like dizziness, jittery and sick feelings which have been often reported by KetoCaNa users are minimal with ‘Perfect Keto’.

Perfect Keto products have been developed keeping this facet in mind, and the website provides guides and detailed information to navigate through and evade such symptoms.

What more?

As low-carb expert and scientific researcher Dr. Volek (Phd) suggests, mineral and electrolyte management is the key to avoiding side effects typically associated with low carb dieting.

This supplement helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance, you need while on a keto diet. It contains added minerals like sodium, MAGNESIUM and calcium. The minerals have been added keeping in mind the most common deficiencies that occur while on a keto diet!

Purchasing ‘Perfect Keto’:

 Perfect Keto’s buying process is simple! Like normal retail, you simply make your purchase. It has been made easily accessible.

Not only easy but economical to buy too! It comes with an affordable price but with goodness and effectiveness that is not lessened in any aspect.

Keto Base Chocolate Sea Salt: $59 for 15 servings. Monthly subscriptions are at a 15% discount.

Each tub contains 211 grams of product, good enough for 15 full-scoop servings, or 30 half-scoop servings.

Other products are way too highly priced!

To summarise its ADVANTAGES we can say that:

  • The product has no fillers or additives. Only required amount of pure ketone BHB and minerals are added.
  • Developed by a professional clinician
  • Much more economical to buy than other supplements
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
    Made in the USA
    Comes in 2 yummy flavours (to combat the terrible taste that most keto supplements have)

The official website of the product is dedicated to providing detailed and correct knowledge about  the supplement and its best use! They never let you wander in the dark, and are confident to boast about the efficacy of their product.

Apart from all the facts and science, we do believe that customer’s voice that gives a true picture of any product.

We found that, positive reviews about Perfect Keto are tremendously outweighed by negative reviews. There are many satisfied and happy users of the product.

The negative reviews remain limited to people finding the supplement finishing earlier than the stipulated time. It may depend on usage from person to person.

There are minimal reports about side effects or unbearable taste by the users.

We, conclude saying that we recommend ‘Perfect Keto’ over ‘KetoCaNa’, as a COMPLETE, genuine, and TASTY keto supplement.


  1. Positive Customer reviews on KetoCaNa:


  • Ok gang, i don’t usually write reviews but here we go. I give KetoCaNa five stars becuase it does what it it supposed to do. I have been in ketosis about a half a dozen times in my life and each of those experiences was three and a half days I’d rather not recall. For those you know what I am saying, get it. Historically my “successful” attempts at ketosis were marked with overwhelming lethargy, brain fog, and irritability for 3+ days. This product, which I discovered from Dominc D’Agastino podcast, had me in Ketosis in roughly 24 hours with only a minor bout of sleepyness. For those who say it is expensive I ask, what is three days of abject misery worth to you? $60 bucks, yeah, thought so. Also, the cry babies talking about taste, I mean really, the taste? Read the ingredients, this is a damn salt lick, depsite the valiant effort of stevia and citric acid trying cover the fact that you are indeed consuming a salt lick. This is not supposed to be Kool Aid! Depsite that fact I don’t really mind the taste or better to say I tolerate it becuase I’m not a 3 yr old. This product does its job and does it well. (Dan Boline)
  • It is great and works as described. I am on my 3rd bottle. (Kurtis Mishler)
  • I have tried a number of BHB salt products. This is the best flavor for me. (Evo)


  • Great product! I recently began a keto diet and I have used this both to increase my mental clarity, as well as, workout performance. This product isn’t just for people on a keto diet. If you are sensitive to preworkout supplements this is a great substitute!(Chris)


  • Tastes like jet fuel but helps a lot getting past the keto flu. (Judia)
  • I get a good energy boost as claimed and my primary use of preventing the “Keto Flu” transition seems to have been successful. I find the taste is not nearly as bad as suggested. It is VERY salty but I down it like you would a shot and then use a small chase of just water and I find it goes down pretty easy. Again it is VERY salty but if you don’t mind that then there is no flavor issue. I find it slightly sweet and can hold it in my mouth even without disgust, personally anyways. (Ridley)


  • Label recommends drinking it prior to workout for energy, but I didn’t get much of a boost compared to a traditional pre-workout. As far as Ketosis goes, it did seem to push up my ketone levels when I took more than once per day as suggested over a 2-3 day period.
  • Regarding taste, it’s not bad…salty of course, but drinkable. I’m using the orange flavor now, and that one taste more like orange Alka-Seltzer. Not enjoying it.(Nathaniel Swan)



  1. Negative customer reviews on KetoCaNa:


  • Ruff to drink. Like straight citric acid. The salt gave me too much of a stomach issue and diarrhoea. Way too expensive. I eased into it but the thought of drinking it gags me now. (Ed Gorski)
  • This stuff is just terrible to drink. I have to mix the 2 cap fulls with a whole powerade zero to choke it down. It is sooo salty. The energy it gives is nice, but know that if you are using ketosis to lose weight this will stunt the production of ketones through fat breakdown. Can we somehow put these into a capsule? (Amazon customer)
  • My tummy did not like it.. (Julie)


  • Doesn’t raise ketones on the breath meter, and gives me a slight headache. Good exercise though. (Deborah Johnson)
  • I like the product’s effects. Helps with some appetite suppression, but after a month, the taste is unbearable. (Rebecca)
  • I can tolerate just about anything however one try of this (took 3 caps with 5 oz lemon juice), made me physically very sick for a few hours.I’m ok next day but wouldn’t want to try it again. Purchased the KetoCaNa too and plan to try that next. Optimistic! (Marylin)


  • Not as effective as other exogenous ketone supplements ive taken. But still good for the price point. (Sarah)
  • Product is amazing….completely transformed my workout. But the taste/flavor is so awfully acidic…they need to lay of the citric acid a bit, it was undrinkable to me in that it burned my oesophagus. (Zack Brown)
  • Tastes absolutely horrible, the lemonade like flavor doesn’t even begin to cover up the nastiness that lurks beneath the surface. But this DEFINITELY boosts ketone levels FAST.(Michael)