Clarins eye contour gel review

Overall score : 2.6

A refreshing, cool and hydrating gel produced, by the well known and trusted manufacturer, Clarins’ may make you vouch for its efficiency! The product assures to reduce dark circles, puffiness and sooth the area around your eyes. The ingredients used are natural and safe like all other products by the parent company. Being non oily and gel like it can be worn under make up. It promises to serve as a smoothening gel, but it does not have much properties to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Customers have reported it to be too watery, and ineffective in repairing damaged skin, though it is successful in hydrating and refreshing your skin. Some love the product while those who need a product to reduce puffiness as well as for age defense, it may not be the right choice for them! Anti aging eye care products infused with much effective ingredients eg. Eyelasticity, that are medically proven and safe, yet provide a one shot solution to all your problems are readily available in the market.

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The Skinny on Clarins eye contour gel


Clarins’ cooling, non-oily gel minimizes the look of fatigue. (Read more..)

Clarins’ eye contour gel INGREDIENTS:

Made with certified organic plant extracts, this pure and refreshing gel is the way to go if you're just starting to see puffiness and dark circles.(Read more..)

Sponsored: Why we recommend Eyelasticiy cream by Skinception over Clarins’ eye contour gel?

Eyelasticity- the age defying therapy, is an amazing product by Skinception, which is meant to work on the sensitive skin around your eyes. (Read more..)

Positive customer reviews:

I don't have dark circles like many people struggle with, but I do battle with extremely puffy eyes.(Read more..)

Negative customer reviews:

It is not greasy and does not make make-up run on oily skin. (Read more..)

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