Red light and weight loss: Is there any connection?


Quick fixes, high intensity trainings, fad diets and what not you might have tried to loose the unwanted fat from your body. Do not undermine your weight loss efforts! Leave diets that are sabotaging you of your happiness and satisfaction. You must be intrigued to know about your ally to weight loss, something that will boost your efforts and lead you to your desired weight loss goal. Mild exercise and a healthy diet topped with red light therapy will boost your efforts for weight loss. 

Weight Loss Therapy using light! You might not have heard much about it, and if you have you might be skeptical. Certain wavelengths of light, like the ‘red light’ do have an effect on the body’s fat. But how it actually functions and to what extent can it help you lose weight is the real question. 

Red light will aid in weight loss via these three mechanisms:

1. Bioenergetics (Enhanced Metabolic rate)!

Metabolic rate of the body is enhanced when mitochondria are functioning in an efficient manner. Research establishes the fact that red light stimulates mitochondria within the cells to produc more energy. Slow metabolism is a major concern fro obese people. When the body’s metabolism becomes sluggish, it starts storing fat as well as toxins in the cells and they are neither used nor flushed out periodically.

It has been proven scientifically that ‘Chromatophores’ which are located in the mitochondria, absorb red and infra red light photons. Red light stimulates the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the energy storing compound of our body and this released energy can be used for strenuous exercises and workouts.  All of us know that to reduce the diameter of our waist or to be very precise lose fat the energy should be consumed from our fat reserves. Enhanced mitochondrial function in the body when it is exposed to red light causes efficient release of energy which comes from both sugars as well as fats in the body. This therapy thus, helps to reduce fat and improve the lipid profile of the blood.

2. Lipolysis (fat cells disruption)!

Irradiation with red light uses fat for energy consumption along with using up glucose. Some therapists confirm that red light causes fat cells to release the stored fat via lipolysis! So, here is the miracle behind red light causing fat loss because it causes the fat cells to release their stored fat into the bloodstream. Red light is completely safe, non invasive and still works at the cellular level and does not even produce heat as a part of its mechanism. Red Light LEDS emitting wavelength around 635 to 680 nm has significant effects on fat reduction. Scientific studies affirm this fact. Within the last decade, LLLT started being investigated as an adjuvant to liposuction, for noninvasive body contouring, reduction of cellulite, and improvement of blood lipid profile.

According to a study, red LED light therapy using 650nm red light LED (light emitting diode) technology produces similar results to the laser device (red LASER 635nm) when preformed using a specified treatment protocol. 

LLLT has potential to be used in fat and cellulite reduction as well as in improvement of blood lipid profile without any significant side effects. One of the main proposed mechanism of actions is based upon production of transient pores in adipocytes, allowing lipids to leak out. (NCBI)Present studies have demonstrated safety and efficacy of LLLT in fat layer reduction, but further resaerch in this area si still being done.

One stubborn form of stored fat that is found mostly in women and sometimes in men,  is CELLULITE. Let’s find how this fat can be triggered with red light. It is well known that, cellulite is not broken down through diet or exercise the way normal fat deposits are. Sometimes we find that cellulite production is tied to hormones, specifically estrogen, so things that cause hormone fluctuations – like pregnancy, puberty, menopause, even stress – can cause cellulite. Where and at what rate cellulite is formed is different for every person.One theory holds that toxins and fluids are trapped in the pockets, which impair metabolism and keep the fat from being broken up. Red light therapy helps battle this problem too.

  1. Blood vessels are dilated when exposed to red light. This widening of blood vessels reduces resistance to the blood flow, therefore improving the rate at which it can move around the body. So, you can very well understand that red light can help to release the trapped toxins and fluids. This helps in reducing the size of cellulite.
  2. One more facet to this problem is, weakened connective tissues! Here also red light may help in their restoration since it is known for stimulating the production of collagen. Hence, stronger connective tissue will push fat deposits away.

There is clinical evidence for the efficacy of LLLT (Low level light therapy) for reducing cellulite and overall thigh fat.

3. Improved Circulation!

The anti ageing properties and pain relieving properties of red light are due to its ability to improve blood circulation. The blood circulation is enhanced by the formation of new capillaries and vasodilation. With enhanced circulation blood brings in more oxygen and nutrients. Not only blood circulation but the lymphatic system is also activated which leads to reduction in pain and swelling. 

With enhanced circulation and revived metabolism the toxins in the body start being eliminated efficiently. Elimination of toxins from the body is extremely important since even if you lose weight by losing your fat , the toxins will still remain. To protect the body against the detrimental effects of the toxins, it starts storing fat. Irradiation with red light essentially helps to flush out toxins by enhanced circulation ad activated lymphatic system and this is something that does not happen even with rigorous exercise!


Final Take on this issue!

Heavy or strenuous exercises cause release of stress hormones which often trigger the body to store even more fat. What you need to do, is utilise the cellular level changes that red light brings about with mild exercise to get maximum and visible benefits. All  slimming spas that use this therapy, recommend physical activity too, at least for 30 minutes after their sessions. Lipo Light slimming uses the same technology. Total body enhancement or body contouring can be done via laser treatments too, but they are combined with certain side effects which include scarring, bruising, burning sensations and allergies.

Treatment with red light for fat removal is a better alternative to laser treatments.

Red light alone will not completely eliminate all fat reserves. A healthy balanced diet and exercise still cannot be completely overlooked. Irradiation with red light increases your metabolic rate and and also has a positive effect on circulation, you still need to couple it with exercise to maintain the raised energy levels and burn your fat stores off!

Since this therapy is very safe, it can be easily done at home and there are a variety of devices that have been developed to be used at home!